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4:05 am

 got the fire?
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I have no idea why I picked, but when I went shopping for Domain Names, thats the one that sounded like it looked best.
I've opened a new site that is almost purely designed to host contests; mainly graphics and writing contests.
Check it out.

1:36 am

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I'm thinking of releasing some of my old commercial stuff as freestuff.
Namely, the Roman Arch and the MediaPhiles island temple.
The big question, I guess, is what will the people who actually purchased those items when they were in the Renderosity store think about this?
I'm not even considering my dynamic clothing packs; a lot of people have purchased (and are still purchasing, elsewhere) those packages, and aside from cutting my own throat, it would be unfair to those customers.
But the arch sold maybe 3 copies, the island temple only about 20; I haven't made either available for the last 2 years, cause frankly, they aren't that good. I'm not saying that something should suck before it goes in Freestuff, I'm just saying I've got a lot better since I did those.

4:17 am

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The web has yet another worthless blog today.
I haven't been messing around with Poser lately, I've had lots & lots of family issues that I needed to take care of.
I have several products, including some really killer Freestuff Dynamic Hair waiting in the pipeline; I just have to figure out how to do a Character Texture first, something I've never tried to do seriously.
It's kicking my butt, so far. I hate to even think this, but I think I'm going to need a collaborator.

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