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2:04 pm

 Artwork Update
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Good Morning Everybody,

I wanted to post this blog to be able to let you guys know that I will *finally* be posting my Images slowly but surely within the next few weeks after having Poser for about 3 months (I'm excited to upload Images).

These Images waiting to be posted are Images / Characters I've been working on for several months - and they're not as custom as I'd like. That's all due to my begginer level with Poser and such.

I'm confident in time I'll improve and have an enourmous amount of original / custom content with more intricately detailed Characters down the line.

The Characters waiting to be posted are Characters that will be with me throughout my Posing career : ) they're like my babies seeing as how they were created with my own hands. I really can't wait to Pose them in diverse environments, Images, and outfits - but for now I'm posting these Images because I am proud of my Characters I've created and would really Love everybodies feedback / words of advice.

So keep a look out : )

My Kindest Regards Everybody,

Fredo D Murillo Jr - FDMj
(Oo SiHusky oO)

4:31 pm

 POSER 7 Obtained !
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Good Morning all !

So, my excitement is due to the fact that in response to my last blog . . . . I finally got Poser 7, I got it for Christmas and I've been like chewed gum on the bottom of someone's shoe on it - it's been really great !

Now, I get to finally, really create with the full power of Poser 7 and not just Poser Figure Artist.

I'm really, really excited !

Warm Regards,

Fredo D Murillo Jr

10:19 am

 Wishful Thinking
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A'right guys, so, I'm under the impression (because I've possibly seen some proof) that I will be getting Poser 7 for Christmas ! and oh man, if I'm right, I'm going to go crazy and let out all this creativeness that I've been more or less forced to hold back.

So everybody cross your fingers (as I will up until Christmas Day) and wish me the best on getting Poser 7 for Christmas.

I'm looking forward to officially being part of the Poser Community (by creating the beautiful art that all of you have). And for those of you who have been reading my blogs so far - Thank You, sincerely for taking the time and caring enough to read on.

Have an Amazing Holiday Everyone,

Fredo D Murillo Jr

2:21 pm

 Creating with PFA (PoserFigure Artist)
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A'right, so I started uploading work I've been doing / creating in PFA so most if not, all of it will have work created by other talented Artists that I will be (temporarily) displaying on my work until I actually buy Poser and start creating my own unique work. All of the work I'll be posting probably won't be rendered due to me being confused about the process (even after reading the tut) but it'll get there.

I do hope you guys enjoy the "big picture" from the mock-ups I'll be posting and just do as I do, use your imagination to picture all the uniqe features to make the Character a great work of art until I can actualy do so *smile*

Thanks so much for reading y'all !

Sincere Regards,

Fredo D Murillo Jr

11:46 am

 Trying to Get Poser 7:
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Howdy y’all,

Well, I’ve been trying to purchase Poser 7 since I found out about it and what it was – about two months ago ! I’ve been tryin’ my damndest to get it but other financial responsibilities as well as good ‘ole Christmas have got my expenses tied up, probably for the remainder of the year.

Can y’all believe that, I have to wait until (probably next year) to be able to start creating my ideas ! – it’s killing me. I feel like I’m in chains and Poser 7 is being dangled in front of me on a string taunting me.

Oh the torture I’m going through. But soon (hopefully) I’ll be an “ACTIVE” member in the Poser Community creating my buns off. I really look forward to it. I’ll try and keep y’all informed (for those of you who read random blogs) hahaa !

Sincere Regards,

Fredo D Murillo Jr

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