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5:29 pm

 About my last pic
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I may or may not post something else here. But for now, Renderosity will just be a store to me. I like the store, but not how the gallery is ran. No i'm not going to take my pics off completely cause some realy like them (i donno why i'm not that good :) ). If they dont want nude pics then just say so, many wont have a problem. But if you allow some but not others simply cause they "look underaged" or "in bad taste" thats just hypocritical. I understand the underaged thing but just how old do you want them to look? 35+? Hell i've know some 35year old to almost pass for 20. Now if they look 13 and intend to be 13 then thats something else. So anyway, I just REALY disagree with some of the decisions here so instead of complaining about it, I just wont post anything.

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