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4:27 pm

 Does catoons have an age?
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Thought I'll start mine with a nice hot topic.
I came across John Kricfalusi's* blog the other day and reading it I found he is involved in an online cartoon drawing class.

This class is run in conjunction with the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog:

This promises to be an amazing opportunity as John K himself would look at the student drawings and provide feedback.
I was though, a bit confused about a comment he made in his blog, I quote it forthwith:
"These lessons are aimed mostly at folks between 10 and 24 years of age. Why? After 24 if you haven't already become really good, you will stagnate and your powers of learning and your rebellious youthful attitude will have died. I know this from 20 years of experience working with young artists. If you don't develop your brain, skills and analytic eye while you are young you will be creatively crippled for life. Or at least it will be much harder the older and more set in your ways you become."
He does go on details about that the classes are about learning to draw cartoons for mainstream work animation, so therefore, the idea is that these are technical more than atristic drawings.
In my opinion, I would have thought someone with more age would find it easier to learn these skills as a job, without compromising the "artistic integrity".
Honestly I would love to have the time to get into this class properly, as it does look very good (did buy the Preston Blair book anyway) but since I can't, I'll love to hear any comments onanyone that may have.

Da Bug
* In case you don't know who John K is, he's the artist behind the Ren & Stimpy cartoons, now if you don't know who they are, shame on you!!

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