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7:48 pm

 Malware in Freebies - a Learning Experience
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Looking through the newer freebies / Free Stuff here, I found a model that might have been useful.

After going through a serious malware situation recently, I scan incoming files.

This file contained Eblaster - spyware that "emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited and keystrokes" as promises.

My assumption is that the inclusion of this spyware was unintended: but the file got deleted, anyway. I need a clean computer more than I need a freebie.

That experience got me curious, so I went back through every file I've gotten from Renderosity.

Of purchased items, zero files were infected.

On the other hand, over a dozen freebie *.zip files were infected with Eblaster. Bad news: the ones I haven't opened, I can't now. Not without violating my new protocols and common sense. Good news: I freed up about 11.2 megabytes on my hard drive.

The infected files were downloaded around October and November of 2008, but other files downloaded around the same time weren't infected. There didn't seem to be any pattern: one file from a vendor might be infected, another from the same vendor might not be.

I'm treating this as a learning experience: And thought others might benefit from what I found.

The software that picked up Eblaster was Spybot 1.6.0.

4:35 pm

 Swamped, but bailing
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I've been swamped lately - not so much by work, but by my own (lack of organization?). No excuse - but I hope to be less frazzled.

(I can see it now - somewhere in my head, a control room with this message being read: *Now hear this! There will be no more frazzling!*)

12:41 pm

 Everyday Stuff - free - Lots of It
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Hats off to LynLinz, for the blog post "FreeStuff : Zippo's ... err just about everything."

I found LynLinz's post while looking for Zippo's bicycle. And, now think I've found it: mamachari v 1.2.

It's a bicycle, free, by Zippo, at any rate: which is good enough for me, for now.

Back to Zippo's free stuff: The main reason for this post, is to make sure that I don't lose track of this resource.

I'm still going through the categories - Props (including Electrical, Fantasy & SciFi, Furniture & Interior; Office & Stationery; and of course: Miscellaneous); Character; Texture; Morph target; Hair; Poses.

Some of the categories aren't too full. There's only one pose, for example - but that's Tai Chi positions, which you don't see everywhere.

On the other hand, there's a wealth of props for office scenes - just one example.

Which brings up an interesting point.

I speak American English, so to me a paperclip is a bit of twisted wire that holds sheets of paper together. On Zippo's site, a paperclip is a stiff rectangular sheet with a clip at one end that holds sheets of paper in place. I'd call that a clipboard.

In the Furniture & Interior section, I found a daruma stove. Where I live, something that looks like is a "potbelly stove."

The lesson here is: don't rely on a search engine to find what you're looking for. English dialects aren't exactly uniform (elevator / lift, sidewalk / pavement). Take a look yourself. I think you'll have fun.

Taking a quick run through what's available, I found a usefully generic lobby set (pretty much like what I've seen from coast to coast in the USA), a ray gun that looks like those toys from the mid-20th century, a step ladder (folding ladder), a diamond ring (and a diamond without a ring), a Twister game and a chikyu goma (toy gyroscope), a bat (baseball variety), a rubber cup (I'd call it a plumber's helper), and a male urinal.

The point is: Zippo has created many of the background (or maybe foreground) objects that can change a stark, sterile render into something that looks real (realer?).

9:12 pm

 2D Posable Figure 3D Figure
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If you haven't already, I strongly recommend reading the product description for Mr 2D (for Poser).

The fun really begins (my opinion) in the fourth paragraph of "Character Biography."

Also, looks like cool (and potentially useful) product. And, no: I haven't bought it. It's in my wish list, though.

4:45 pm

 Galaxy Cadet's Spaceship WIP
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Galaxy Cadet's spaceship is taking shape. And, at least as important, I'm getting some clue as to how DAZ 3D's Hexagon works.

And, may have given the ship a sense of scale.

Also, now that I look at it, a somewhat insect-like appearance.

Which may or may not be desirable.

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