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1:26 pm

 Ye Gods
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Some people will complain about anything...

1:38 pm

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I guess I need to go through the gallery and start commenting again. I've posted two images the past few days and only one person has commented on one of them. I usually don't have a lot of time for surfing the galleries so, when I do, I'm just breezing through.

My mom used to always say you have to send mail to get mail. She's right. Time to make time for the galleries and leave more comments. We all like to hear nice things sometimes.

5:56 pm

 New Digital Comic
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I posted a few weeks ago some renders from a comic I am working on. The comic, done in Poser and using Comic Book Creator, now has its own website:

Updates are Mondays and Fridays. A bit of a warning, the pages up right now are mostly work safe but the comic won't remain that way. There will be some very adult situations coming up. It's a very dark story.

1:17 am

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My computer is dead. I rebooted it late last night and it got stuck on a screen saying that an error occured and Windows could not start up. It gives me an option to choose safe mode, the last "good" settings (paraphrasing here) and to start up normally. No matter which option I choose, it loops back to that same screen. I guess it's a good thing I ordered a new computer but I have a lot of crap on that hard drive that needs to be saved. I'm hoping I can recover the data at least. I just find it ironic it happened the day or so before my new external storage hard drive arrived too.

One good thing, my working Pz3 files for the comic I am working on were on another hard drive. The pages I had already done in Comic Book Creator, unfortunately, were not. I'm really, really hoping it can all be salvaged though they will not be difficult to rebuild.

11:27 pm

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Is now MoxieGraphix. Hi. Yay, name change :)

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