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10:26 am

 I feel cheated!
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Really I do! And that by the very people that brings so much inspiration to the 3d comunity - Content Paradise!

Last month CP held a so called Deep Sea Treasure Hunt competition with a long list of prizes (including free software items such as Poser Pro, Poser 7, Anime Studio etc.) and different other vouchers for discounts etc.

What the Heck! I thought when the competition opened and entered my email to hopefully grab some at least something. EUREKA! Up comes a message stating that I have won a free copy of Poser 7 (worth about $250). The message also included a notice informing me that a voucher for the item in question would be sent to my e-mail address.

So I check my in-box at Hotmail... Nothing... A week passes - still nothing! Not a word about my prize from the people at CP.

So naturally I send an email stating what had occurred to me and ask them to look up my email for confirmation. Not a word comes back!

Gradually I'm beginning to wonder if the whole competition was a complete hoax! A simple excuse to get people interest by throwing only discount voucher back at them. I have several friends who have received "10% off any purchase" vouchers.

I really wish I had a screen dump of that "You've won" message to throw back at CP! But I don't!!!

Yesterday I sent a new e-mail. This time a regular complaint!

And now I'm waiting....

9:56 am

 A big thank you!
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I've just realized something! I have actually been away from Poser for almost 2 years!

Come to think of it, its quite odd because at the time I started my recent work I had so many ideas. I guess they were crushed by that horrible thing called "real life".

Having to deal with a lot of real life issues over the past two years must have spirited my creativity away.

I kinda owe Ute aka Syltermermaid a big thank you for "saving me" and bringing me back to the keyboard and Poser again. Quite by chance I peeked in the galleries recently and it was there I discovered her absolutely perfect Andrea texture and fell in love immediately. I have a good feeling that this new "relationship" will be a long lasting one.

Ideas are beginning to emerge once again! ;o)

9:10 pm

 Why hello there!!!
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How nice of you to drop by my gallery.

Here's a bit about the guy behind the pictures:

I started out way back in the early days of Poser 4. Though different artsy channels, I became aware of this software and soon started to play around with all the posibities at a friends computer..

When you have the creativeness, but don't know which end of the pen to put to the paper, software like Poser comes in very handy! Back then I did a lot of what I call my early amateur stuff. Images I wouldn't even dream of posting here! Simply because I deem them unworthy of the public eye. (Allright! So I admit to being a perfectionist!)

I mainly find my inspiration, for what is known as "Pin-ups" around here, in the fetish community of which I've been a member for God knows how many years by now. Top suject being the female form dressed in shiny latex catsuits. (Ok, now you know what to expect from me!)

My long time project (actually since 1998) is to create a number of illustrations for a fetish novel I am (still) working on. So far many (bizarre) ideas have sprung forward, but I never seem to have ample time to sit down and bring them to life! They are however noted within the novel so that I don't forget anything. ;o) But with the "render-police" around I'm afraid they are never going to appear at this site, but fortunately there are other ways of publication. If you know what I mean!

Now that I've discovered blogging. I will get back to you at a later time explaining a little more about my individual images as they appear.

Well folks... That's all for now!

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