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6:16 am

 Can someone make me a character ....
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Can someone make me a character to make a Rey Mysterio WWE wrestling hero for my little boy ( age 8 ) Or provide me with the mask to use in Poser , looked around for that mask but non found were for poser , all i could find were the real masks for fans :((((((

4:41 pm

 The millenium horse mane
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Can someone tell me step by step how i put the manes in daz studio on my millenium horse , cause something always keeps it messing up , guess i'm still a beginner :(

many thanks before hand

Never mind , my common sense locked in my tiny brain figured it out :))))))))))))))))

8:13 am

 Question about ...
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I have a question about what people understand when askeding for an image Celtic warrior style ?

Can someone show me or tell me more about what is expected then ???

6:22 pm

 Can someone help me ??? Daz acting strange
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Hi everyone ,
Since a few months my daz|studio is acting strange . Every time i click the poser 6 folder and within it the figure or pose folder , i get the message " error in daz exe and it needs to be closed " the other folders within poser 6 don't have that problem , the poser 4 & 5 folder don't have it and the daz directories don't have it either . It only happens on those 2 folders within the poser 6 folder . Anyone know how to fix this ? Tried to remove all directories and do search again but while its searching it happens again , same error in daz exe
Its really annoying :((((
Any help here ? cause daz support hasn't replied yet :(

3:29 pm

 nothing but anger and coldness right now :@
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Today i've got the badest news in history , my own pc is in the store to get fixed and i've had a phonecall from them to give me the worst possible news in my existence . 2 Harddrives are totally broke , no wonder i couldn't work on the damn machien anymore , but the worst possible thing is they were both 160 gigabyte storage , thats 2 times 160 gigabyte lost of poser 5 and 6 & daz studio files , i can just curse the world wide web right now , i'm pissed and had to write in here to try losing a bit of how furious i am right now . BUT i will make me come back , i'm not that easy murdered , besides the whole www cant help that scumbags messed on the net in my computer , i wont hate all of you cause i've made many great friends too on the net . SO i get myself together again , when the damn thing is back i start downloading most of my material back including a fractal software cause i want to try the fractal art too myself , cause i'm in love with those gorgeous fractals . Though i dont know which software would be best ( any ideas ? )
AND i've to ask everyone i shared some of my files with to send it back please *puppy eyes* pretty please
And dear friend and blog readers who'd like to help me , any material share to help me back on the run is welcome and greately appreciated ofcause .
private email is welcome at to help me ( please all scumbag virus senders stay away , i'm very well protected now :@ )even asked it nicely with please scumbags .
GROUPHUG ( exclude scum ) .... Wendy aka Magick_Lady Designs

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