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5:23 am

 A new day...
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Well here it is Wednesday, and I must work tomorrow night. As usual, its a rainy day in England. Yuck! Haven't had a really strong summer day yet, and if we have, it come and went so quickly my memory has not correctly recorded it. I need to get cracking on my writing and I hope that I get somewhere today. After my computer crashing, doesn't seem that I'm able to leap right back into my writers mode. Not sure why, but its starting to bug me. The next episode is due last week!

My older computer is showing signs of a few malfunctions, nothing MAJOR yet. I've gotten the blue screen a couple of times. Thanks to this anti-virus I ran on it, it seems to have cleaned out some very necessary files! I have a aching feeling I'm going to have to purchase a fresh copy if Windows XP w/ SP2 of course! Otherwise, I think I will continue to have this problem.

My mood today? Blasé - yeah - that's a really way of describing it. Mind you, that's only for so many moments, and then I'm hyped again and then, right back to the first once more. Strange? A monthly pre-menstrual mood swing perhaps? Possible. *sigh* oh well ... we'll see what this day brings.

12:02 pm

 Do I really wanna?
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The quesiton is, with all I have on my plate, will I be loyal to any blog? I've had a few in places here and there on the net, and never could seem to consistantly keep it up.

Will I be any different with this one? Hmmm, I don't know, its too early yet to tell. This of course is Tuesday, I started my day with a goal in mind of all that I would get done. HA! Not even half of it completed. I've been downloading and re-installing most of the day. Wrote one lousy paragraph in Bomaw, episode 74, and there are readers waiting on it you know? I know they're waiting on it. Problem happened two weeks ago when my 1 and half year old computer lost the motherboard! UGH! I thought I'd go mad! Especially considering I had it jammed tight with content galore. I mean I had it all in there! Everything! I was in heaven!

Not anymore ... I'm in computer recovery, 3D content re-install hell!!! Hell do you here me!? LOL, yes, feeling a bit crazy over it as well! And what am I installing all of this stuff into? My older computer, my Fujitsu Seimens! What a sweety, she's never let me down! And I turned her away for a faster, more powerful, loads of space and double HD and a better graphics card! And I got, just what I deserved... that new BITCH let me down!

Well the next big purchase of a brand new computer will be a Macintosh! Yes, you heard me right, an Apple Macintosh PRO! For now, I'lll have to take the bitch in and get her fixed! Until I do, I'm sucking up to and babying my good'ol girl and pray she holds up for me until then, she's 4 years old after all ... *whispers* She's almost ancient... *shhhh* can't let her hear me say that. Hmmm, however, I am writing this into her system, think she's aware of what I just said? LOL ... I'm cracking up!

Enough ... gotta go! Have much to do! Later Rendoites! I'm off! Busy busy busy!

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