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The more I read the commentary and *rules* on this site, the more I see that this is not an art forum of mature and creative folks; It's a Christian fundamentalist day camp.

7:24 am

 Hello Autumn
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I knew the blog was here...somewhere...lurking in the shadows. 
I could hear it breathing. LOL 

I remembered it being here, but for some reason, the link was no longer showing on any of the pages. 

Thank you Google!

It's been a rather long few months. The heat has been a lot stronger here than it has been in the past. This heat here on the mountain is more reminiscent of the Summers back in Maryland. Hardly what I've been spoiled with here on a mountain in Tennessee, for the past 6 years.

Instead of spending so much time outside, I'm finding myself, instead, squinting at the sun as it peeks through the windows in the morning, rushing to draw down the curtain, and racing up my electric bill by running the air conditioner.

The up side is that I'm feeling much better physically.

For those of you who don't know, I have fibromyalgia. Somedays, I could move mountains. Others, I can't do any more than curl up in bed and sleep away the pain.

What has given me solace, is my artwork. When I couldn't garden like I used to, or move things around or go for those long walks anymore, it did give me time to work on my artwork.

It did wonders for my mood, and it gave me time to refine my skills. Unfortunatley, sitting behind a desk most days, has done horrors to my waist line, and it made my already sore muscles even weaker.

It's a catch 22 it seems.

I've been working on giving the pain the middle finger, and just "doing it", anyway.
That  just doesn't work for most FM sufferers. Sometimes, that "getting it done",  does me in for days. Many just don't understand.

I do try though. 

Most of my interactions with folks have been more privately, either over on my DeviantArt, or over on my Facebook; However,  I figured I would step from of the shadows here, recently, and try to make some new acquaintances; maybe learn a few new techniques. :)

Autumn is coming. The sunlight has taken on that golden glow that makes the forest look and feel so surreal. The nights are becoming cooler, and the days will hopefully not be so fierce, here, soon.

In the Summer, I've taken to hiding pretty much, but Autumn is so much more inspiring. It's the getting out and experiencing things...doing things...meeting people, that I'm looking forward to. :)






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