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4:42 pm

 Just good business
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Warning: this is mostly a frustrated rant.....however, there is at least one serious question buried in here.

Ok, maybe it's just me, but I was taught in business classes and through my work experience that it's just good business to provide people with your business's contact information.  Yes, I realize we're in the technological age where email trumps phone calls and regular postal services, but I just don't understand how businesses exist without contact info on the website, or even given in important emails.

So, do people really trust companies that don't have contact info anywhere on their site?  And buy from them?   I always look for that before I buy something from a website, but I've seen a few fairly popular sites that only offer up generic email addresses (like sales@). Of course, those serve a great purpose, but what happens when you can't get a reply and are in serious need of support?  I can't really think of a business as legitimate that doesn't have an address and telephone number listed.   Am I completely missing something??

6:10 pm

 My 1st Blog - Funny Story I just had to share
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Well, I thought I would try to start blogging occasionally. So, to kick off my blogs I thought I’d share with you a funny experience I had recently. Sorry my story is long, but I think it’s worth it.

As some of you may know, I recently did a video for our annual Renderosity “State of the Site” Spotlight. Doing that video was almost the death of me. I’m not sure why it was so hard for me, but I’m guessing it is because I don’t like attention and I am an introvert.

Well, the Friday before the article launched, JasonK (our marketing guru) and I wrote up the text for the article. I had scheduled an hour in the afternoon to knock out the video. So, around 4pm we start working on the video. Jason had a great script that was about 2 minutes long. I was so shy and nervous in front of the camera that I had to write the script down on large Post-it notes to hang behind the camera so I could just read it. My tongue kept getting tied and my brain would just freeze up. I was so nervous that I started to perspire. I don’t normally sweat unless I’m working out or it’s above 90 degrees.

Friday 5:30pm: I told Jason he could leave, since I didn’t want him waiting around on me and missing out on his week-end. I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable, so I changed out the chair I was using. Then, I started wondering what that chair would look like against the background image we wanted to use. I changed the chair again. I still didn’t like the feel, so I changed the chair again. Still worrying about the feel, my posture, my poor performance and the background, I decided the only solution was to change the chair again. Finally, four chairs and a couple of hours later, I thought I had a wrap. It was a little after 7pm, so it only ended up taking me a couple hours longer than planned. No problem, I can go enjoy my week-end now.

I sent the final four videos to Jason. On Monday morning, Jason put the four videos (with the four chairs) on the background image. As irony and Murphy would have it, Jason quickly discovered the first chair that I used in a video around 5:30 was the best one. Murphy also made arrangements so that the chair ended up in the fireplace of our background image. Ok, so we just change the background image. Nope….everyone agreed; that didn’t work either.

Round two. Let’s try the shooting the video standing up beside the fireplace, so it will have a nice Home for the Holidays feel. No, problem. I have a few hours of practice behind me so this should only take a few minutes….right? Wrong! My tied tongue, frozen brain and nervous sweats turned the second round of shooting into another couple of hours. We thought we had a wrap. Now I can get back to my scheduled business for the day.

Monday afternoon Jason sends the video with the fireplace background to the team for review. It was really great seeing the entire team enjoying the video. I just wish the team bonding (and laughter) wasn’t at my expense. I now have an office nickname of Vanna. As the “I will have to do this again” reality was setting in, I was filled with frustration and the confusion of “why is this so hard?” I probably would have cried, but I didn’t want the puffy, I’ve been crying eyes to show on the video. I seriously contemplated doing the spotlight without a video. I pondered that thought for the rest of the evening, and decided to ask the team in the next morning’s admin meeting.

Tuesday morning: I asked the team if a video is really necessary. Of course, it is. I knew that. It was just wishful thinking that I might could get out of doing a video. We have all been wanting more videos on the site, and the State of the Site is too important to not have a video. Then, I asked, “Hey, does anyone else want to do it?” LOL!! “Just kidding. Alright, let’s get it over with.”

Tuesday afternoon: Round three. We decide my office is better since we won’t need to worry about a background and I will “hopefully” be more comfortable. Debbie volunteers to stand in the room, so I can just talk to her and ditch the script. I think that’s a great idea. However, my brain takes control and once again I struggle through several attempts to make a video. Debbie, now frustrated with my apparent insanity, tries it herself just to show me how easy it is. I found her difficulty and dissatisfaction of doing a video reassuring. I am not alone and I have someone who understands my pain. Of course, Jason was suffering through all the attempts, too, but he found it more entertaining and hoped to do a bloopers reel. I joked that every take was the 512th, since it adds up to 8 (one of my lucky numbers). We had what we thought was a final, but my arms appeared too stiff. Geez, what do I do with my arms and how can I make them look relaxed? It’s weird how I’ve never paid attention to my arms like this before. After several more tries, Debbie and Jason left me in my misery so they could go get “some real work done.” I took a break and then resumed the challenge that I had decided I must overcome. Take 125. Finally, I thought I had a video I could live with. I still didn’t like it, but at least I could tolerate it. Debbie’s office is beside mine, so she could hear what seemed like a successful take. She came into my office and said, “That was good! I like that one.” I agreed and secretly prayed to myself that it was really over, because I didn’t think I could do it again. The team agreed, “It’s a wrap!”

Now, after spending a few hours each day for about three days, I have a HUGE appreciation for the people that do this for a living. The live news reporters sure do make this look easy.

Tuesday evening: I just recently discovered the “play now” feature on Netflix and noticed that I stay on the treadmill longer when I’m entertained. So, I had my laptop in front of me watching the first season of the TV show 30 Rock. I was watching the episode where Jack (Alec Baldwin) was shooting a commercial. The timing of seeing this was perfect! I probably would not have appreciated it as much if I had personally experienced the pain of shooting a video over the last few days. I laughed so hard and long that I had tears streaming down my face (and had my boyfriend wondering what was wrong with me). What a wonderful stress relief laughter is. If you haven’t seen this episode, I highly recommend it and I hope you find it as funny as I did. If you don’t find it very funny, try video taping several minutes of something, and then try watching it again.

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