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10:13 am

 He's finally here!
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 Ok, ok, I guess I've taken long enough to get on here and gush about my baby boy. Everyone wants to know what's going on, lol!!

Saturday morning, I called my Dr.'s office, letting them know I'd been throwing up pretty hard for the past 2 days, and asking if there was anything I could do. She said "Yes, go to the hospital!"

So, I went to the hospital.

From the tests and my blood pressure, they decided that I had pre-eclampsia, and they were going to induce me. 

So, I slept there overnight, and they induced me Sunday morning at 6. At around 4pm, the contractions started pretty hard, and after sitting at 5 centimeters for 3 hours, I'd decided that I was too exhausted to fully go with a natural birth, and that I'd go with an epidural.

Galen had other plans. 

Not 30 seconds after the anesthesiologist had injected the local anesthetic into my back, I had a huge contraction...and felt his head pushing. So, naturally, I freaked out and yelled at the nurse that I felt something "down there" (which got the response "In your back?")

Anyway, within 5 minutes, I had a precious baby on my belly, instead of in it. 

Galen Tyrol Burns was born at 4:39pm, Sunday, May 16th, 2010. He was 6lbs. 5oz., 19 1/2 inches. His mommy and daddy are thoroughly exhausted.

Oh, and he's not spoiled. He's in charge :P

(If you can't see the photo, I've uploaded it to the Snapshot gallery here :) )

10:23 pm

 Recipe for the "I'm totally broke" casserole
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I'm sure you've had those times in your life when you had 2 bucks before payday, and it was 3 days off, and there are 2 or more people to feed.
So, here's a recipe that cost me $1.32 to make, for 2 people.

2 packs of whatever flavor ramen noodles.
1 can of cream of whatever goes with the flavor of ramen noodle (mushroom is a good fallback)
1 can water.
1 oven.

I usually just set my oven so the arrow is pointing straight down. I know that not all ovens work like mine. It's roughly 375 F. Then, I unleash the cream of (insert creamy soup here) on the casserole dish. Then, lay 2 packs of the ramen noodles on top. I open and dish out the seasoning packets. Then, I get a can of hot water (I'm pretty sure the stuff out of my tap consists of boiling lava water, so it's hot enough) and pour it over the top. Then, I pop it into the oven, and cook it for 15 minutes.

Then, voila! Cheap-ass casserole, and it doesn't have tuna in it so my son will eat it :P

5:46 am

 Something that bugs me....
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...but undoubtedly won't change, I just have to get it out.

It's "oops", not "opps".
It's "tongue", not "tounge".

Thank you.

9:16 pm

 There's a Reason that there's Only One Shatner
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Alec Baldwin, you will never have the aura of "pure awesomeness" that Big Willy has.  You won't have the amount of "pure awesome" that he wipes onto 2-ply before flushing.  It's ok, though, because you'll always have Beetlejuice, and that's cool, too.  Although, it's sad that I had to IMDB you to remember what you'd been in.  That's, ok, too, because I have it bookmarked.  Not your page on IMDB, but IMDB.

I mean, 30 Rock isn't that bad.  It isn't as awesome as everyone is saying it is.  Tina Fey is funnyish.  I don't think I'm a fan of Tracey Morgan.  But, overall, I'm not impressed. 
I do want to watch Boston Legal, though.  I don't think I'll be able to wait until next Tuesday without a full bottle of the Captain.  The absolute good that is the chemistry between the Shat and James Spader is unmatched by anything.  Well, maybe a choir of angels.  Even that may be stretching it a bit.
It's been at least 7 years since The Networks have offered me a palette of offerings with more than one that I liked....and, now, my cup runneth over with awesome.  On Sunday, I have my Family Guy/American Dad back-to-back.  While not completely awesome, they are funny.  On Tuesday, I have Boston Legal, of course.  Thursday?  My Name Is Earl and The Office.  And, of course, Friday, there is Numb3rs. 
I haven't loved t.v. this much since Millenium and the X-Files were shown back-to-back.
If this trend keeps up, I may never leave my bed.

6:54 pm

 Funniest Christmas Story Evah
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We had eaten dinner, opened presents, and my sisters, mom, and my sisters' kids had all gone home, and my younger sister, Krystal, was downstairs in the basement playing some Cabella's video game with my cousin, Austin, who's 11 and has some sort of autism (I forget, but it's high-functioning, but not Asperger's). Krystal's being a dumbass, talking about how wonderful her socks smell (they're some stupid spa socks that have vanilla something or other embedded in the fabric.), and all of the sudden, Austin said the most awesomely funny thing evah.

"Yeah, well, I bet your testicles smell great, too".

*my eyes bug out, my jaw drops*

me: Uh, Austin, how would you even know if Krystal had testicles?
Austin: Everyone has testicles!
me: no, they don't. Girls don't have them.
Austin: you know, testicles. those things inside you that your food goes through!
me: oh. Intestines.
Austin: Yeah, those. What are testicles, anyway?
me: you know those things that dangle behind your penis?
Austin: OH, GROSS!!

I love my family, oh so much. I need to write a movie with this stuff. I would become a bajillioinaire.

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