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 Censored on the DAZ Forum (Part 2)
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Well it seems that the censorship continues. The final straw apparently was that another PC commented about not liking the general tone of communication coming from DAZ and DAZ Forum Administrators. I believe that members comment was something along the lines of “not wanting to be talked to like a six year old.”

I had pretty much removed myself from the conversation, but felt the need to reply to this. Since this was exactly what I had mentioned earlier. My reply summed up as “This was what I felt as well.” and “The manner of dialogue was more infuriating than the changes themselves.”

Of course my reply was removed. The original posters comments were removed. And the subject thread locked.

Apparently DAZ doesn’t want to get the message that, once again, the problems aren’t the changes. The problem is the manner in which they choose to communicate with customers. Communication being a problem I have had with the company for years now.

It is sad to see things have descended to this level of hostility. It made me nostalgic for the ways things have changed…

I made my first purchase with DAZ way back when they were known as Zygote. It was a pair of CD-ROMs I think one was called the “Costume Creator” and the other “Vol. 1 Props.” These were used with my version 1.5 of Poser that I bought off the shelf at JR Music World during a lunch break in 1996.

These were also used with Bryce v2.1 which I purchased one weekend in 1997 from Egghead Software. This was a replacement for VistaPro which had sadly been abandoned.

I was a fairly regular contributor to the MetaCreations site when they owned Bryce. Having had a number of images showcased in their “Image of the Day” contest.

I attended Bryce Camp in Ojai, California in 1999 arranged by Chris Casady. During which he opened my eyes to new ways of looking at things artistic; an example being the hike into the surrounding countryside that I thought would be pointless and turned out to be a highlight of the trip. Meeting Lynda Weinman, Ken Tompkins, Renato!, Calyxa, Ken Musgrave, just to name a few.

My PC membership began April 17th, 2003. And it will end June 8, 2015 when my current pre-paid term ends. 

This has been something that has been simmering in me for years now. So it is not a spur of the moment decision or a rash emotional one.

DAZ’s communication has always been very poor. Something I complained about as far back as 2009 when communication coming from DAZ was completely non-existent. Sadly, I now see how spoiled I was. No communication left the benefit of a doubt, rather than the stark light of reality.

In a similar vein, DAZ’s technical support went from spectacular to atrocious. Where concerns use to be addressed quickly and intelligently, now every support request I have opened in the past two years was initially replied to with a useless “buying time answer.” An obvious copy and paste stock reply message with a consistent typographical error… A request for reams of useless, often unrelated supporting material. Like screen shots of what the sale page looked like a week previous to prove sale issues… Or, and this is my favorite, a response that has absolutely nothing to do with the initial question. Showing a blatant lack of actually reading my Help Request.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was two-fold:

Opened a ticket on 12/3. Didn’t get a reply until 12/9. The reply I received was contrite, dismissive and insulting. Further it left out important information that would have avoided continued confusion and back and forth until 12/12. In other words, leaving out important, selective details that would have ended the conversation days earlier.

Then another ticket on 6/20 where items were missing from a bundle package. The reply I got was a lecture on how to properly place an order at the DAZ site. Along with another dismissive “I will fix this for you this time.” answer. All this despite the fact that the error was in the building of the bundle on the DAZ side and nothing to do with my purchase.

So now I think my life with DAZ is just about over. I can’t imagine continuing unless there was a radical change in direction.

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