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12:32 am

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Comic pages done....
All commentary pages for the book are completed...
Cast pages for the book are completed...
Table of Contents page done...

4 more pages to go which will include a world map, (if I can afford to grab a copy of Campaign Cartographer 3, you will get a map of Erech as well), A credits page, and a commentary about the House's and the Great House War.

Just a few doublechecks of text sizing and formatting here and there left to go....

It's coming ladies and gentleman....the book is almost done.

12:54 am

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Since I put Tunnelrunners on hiatus due to a major project in the works, I thought I would let everybody know what's going on.

The first Requiem graphic novel (which Tunnelrunners is an offshoot of) is 19 pages away from completion.

It's almost a shock to think that the end of the first volume is actually in site. I feel bad about shutting down Tunelrunners for a little while, but actually getting this beast done will make me feel very, very good.

More will be mentioned on tis as it nears completion...meanwhile, there is a preview of the novel up at Requiem right now, plus commentary.



2:49 pm

 My comic got mentioned in the newspaper today...
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My main comic, Requiem (the parent of Tunnelrunners that is a part of the weekly strip)got mentioned in an article on webcomics on the front page of the Indianapolis Star today!!!

You can read the article at the link below.


3:54 am

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The funniest things pop into your head before you go to sleep....

I suddenly have the urge to an image based on the Great Hall scene inFellowship of the Ring where Gandalf fires up his staff.

I think we will be seeing this sometime in the future. ;)

1:17 am

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I finally got around to putting up a complete archive of all the Tunnelrunners comics.


I figured it was a necessary thing, especially with us just completing my 70th one.

Tunnelrunners is really my experimental work in a lot of ways. The stuff that I work out here tends to filter over to my main webcomic more often than not. I tested out Carrara here first before it dang near became the soul renderer for Requiem...DAZ Studio got used on these comics first with the appearance of "The Angel of Obsidian Wings"

Overall though, I like the strip...it serves it's purpose well I think. Ultimately though, what it is really there to do is fill in some gaps in specific areas within Requiem. I know i the future that there will be some other series like that as well. There is one sitting on the backburner right now called "Pryce" that is kind of a "Last Man Standing"/"Red Harvest" gangster kind of thing that was alluded to in a Tunnelrunners as a matter of fact.

But now though, Tunnelrunners is going to be branching off into some other territory after the incident with the Drowned Cathedral.

We are going to be Fionn and Dana are going to be going on a quest...

I'm thinking of calling the new section "Stalking the Angel" and if things work out the way I think they will, it will deal entirely with the quest for the identity of "The Lady of Obsidian Wings"

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