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2:28 pm

 Price Versus Quality 2: Does Lowering The Price Of An Item Increase Customer Support?
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I just posted a new blog over at WordPress: Price Versus Quality 2: Does Lowering The Price Of An Item Increase Customer Support?

I talk about the idea that as you raise your price, only "experts" will buy your product, the "simple" customers start to get weeded out, and the "simple" tech support calls stop coming in. This may sound elitist, but what clientèle do you want: the "dirt cheap" crowd or the "willing to pay a little more for a quality product" crowd... keeping in mind that the "want it cheap" crowd may actually cost you more in technical support or other areas.

Read more at the link above.

8:48 pm

 Some Common Digital-Model Myths Debunked
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I’ve heard a lot of rumors and advice over the years about how to make models and artwork. Some of it is very good, but some of it is either completely wrong or the advice has been passed from one person to another in a “I heard from it from a guy who heard it from a guy who knew a guy who had a cousin who worked at ILM” type of way. I thought it would be fun to try to debunk some common myths.

1) You need a lot of polygons for your model to look good.

2) You need huge texture maps for your model to look good.

3) What’s the best modelling program?

4) This image took me 50 hours to render!

5) Can you tell me how to make conforming clothing in Poser?

Read more at Wordpress: Some Common Digital-Model Myths Debunked

7:42 pm

 Advice for Online Vendors II...
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I've just finished latest blog, explaining some ideas to new merchants that they may not have realized...

I’ve seen a number of articles in graphic artist magazines encouraging artists to sell their models. One of their main points is that, if you’re already making models for your own artwork, why not sell the models to other people? I’ve seen PDF tutorial e-books try to make the point that creating a best-selling product is almost as easy as just finding a niche and filling it. And I’ve also seen discussions in online forums where top-selling merchants talk about how easy it is to sell models and make hundreds (or thousands) of dollars every month. Well, if they’re doing it, so you can you!

I don’t mean to scare anyone away from selling their digital products, but it seems that there’s still a lot missing from these discussions and e-books. I’ve been selling products for about 10 years now, so I thought it was past time to add my thoughts to this idea.
What exactly does it take to make a best-selling product and make thousands of dollars in sales every month?

Read more at WordPress...

12:58 pm

 My Views on File-Sharing
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One of the biggest issues that merchants will face when selling and marketing digital items is file-sharing. There are a large number of people who think nothing of redistributing other people's products, creations, and content without permission. It should almost go without saying that sharing files without the original creator's permission is wrong and I'm not condoning it at all. My latest blog was created to offer some alternatives and strategies on how to deal with the issue of file-sharing.

One thing that needs to be cleared up is that file-sharing is not the same thing as theft. File-sharing is "illegal distribution" or "copyright infringement" but it's not "stealing"...

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1:44 pm

 Advice for Online Vendors: Sample Customer Questions
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So you think you’ve created a great product and you think you’re ready to become an online merchant? Hold your horses. Having a great product is just one factor of selling things online. You’ll have to deal with… customers! That’s right- real, honest-to-goodness people!

I’ve been selling digital products since 2001 and I’ve been running the Vanishing Point website since it started in 2004, so I figured it was time to share some of my experiences. Over the years, I’ve been asked numerous questions, ranging from the intelligent and challenging, to the downright “out there” (a more polite way of saying “idiotic”).

I've created a list of questions I’ve received over the years, with my un-sent sarcastic answer. I’ve also included a real answer in case some people don’t get the sarcastic one. In many cases, I’ve tried to retain the original grammar and spelling errors in the e-mail.

Read more at Wordpress...

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