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3:44 am

 Cooling down but it's so humid - blah
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We love to talk about the weather. In England it's a conversation starter and almost a guaranteed topic, in South Africa (in Jhb), it's so predictable the weather forecasts sound the same almost everyday, in Alberta, Canada it's "if you don't like what you've got, wait 5 mins and it'll change" - not so this year with temperatures more than 10C above normal.

It's amazing how quickly we forget the weather though - by the time January comes around people will bemoan the fact that we had no summer this year or it's never been this cold before.

I've often wondered why we do not remember the day to day weather - we may remember big events - like tornadoes, etc.

6:59 am

 Ooops I missed out on Monday
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Well, it was one of those manic Mondays and I totally forgot to blog. We had to be up early to get my daughter to airport. She's going to LA with YWAM, and then on to Mexico. It was hot, thundery, and generally a day that one would expect in Africa than Canada.
All those of you who think Canada's a cold country raise your hands.

I must admit I was guilty as well but then I came from the old country via the third world so what did I know? The first couple of winter months I'd have left for warmer places.

But your blood thickens and one aclimatizes until we have a heatwave ;)
Yet even though it's hot and records have fallen some of those records had stood for close to 80 years - must have been hot in the 1920s/30s too.

7:14 am

 This weekend in my town
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It's going to be a busy one (for those non-Poser users Poser users always have busy weekends)
There's the Grand Prix - 2nd one for the city Fri-Sun. Maybe you'll see it on your TV supposed to broadcast worldwide on Sunday.
There's Capital Ex - used to called Klondike days - the Expo and the Fair grounds will be packed.
There's the "Taste of " - lots of good food to try out.
It's going to be over 30C so it'll be hot.

Anyone know/heard of this city?

11:51 am

 What do you use Poser for?
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There has been discussion on this before.
But feel free to join in here and list what you used Poser for.

I use Poser basically to create pictures as I can't draw and Poser can make a good image for me.

6:41 am

 Too hot to Pose
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Is it hot where you are - is it too hot to use Poser? I'm finding that the heat makes it harder to concentrate on anything other than the noise of the fan.

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