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4:36 pm

 Peep! PEEP!
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Peep's getting big FAST. She seems to be getting bigger faster than the geese ever did! She likes to patter along behind me when I let her out of the brooder cage, though, and get into things as much as possible. Like any baby! XD

Hm, we've been calling her "her" lately, so I wonder if she is a she. It's really hard to tell with baby ducks!

But here's the you tube, another Halloween short! It's taken from "the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", and is pretty creepy all said...

And Episode 13, where Hannah ends up having one of "those" days. --Giant squirrels included.

Hope you enjoy!

6:16 pm

 Just Ducky!
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A leetle Peking or Peking Giant, in fact. Duckling. It seems to have escaped from someone's shipment, the post man gave it to a friend of his, she tried to give it to the feed store guy, then gave it to my husband!


Oh well!

Off to meet the suspiciously cute cat-like dudes who've promised a world to a brilliant but naive pair of scientists...


WASP WOMAN! Euuuwww. The old Korman classic with a kick of E. Rigby!

Hope you enjoy!

8:46 pm

 Still A Lefty!
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It's alright, though, I actually am left handed. I just learned to use the mouse on the right! :D

Anyhow! Episode Eleven: 50% More Cute! is up XD

And the first of the Halloween You Tubes! Woot!

Rock 'n' Roll and creepy old bad movies, it's the best part of Halloween!

10:27 pm

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Stop this week, I want to get off!

Sprained a chest muscle, and it is horribly painful. It even hurts to breath deeply. Went to the ER, it's just a sprain thankfully, but HURTS.

But I got a lot done, just imagine me doing it with my mouse on the left. Because I am, I cannot use my right arm much at all.


Revenge of the Sugar Slum Fairy:

Wonderbird and Songbird! (French animation, very beautiful, and the song is a lovely ballad)

Eight textures for Arcebus's free Ragdoll Outfit:


You need BOTH for them to work!

Hope you enjoy it all!

10:20 pm

 Woot! Got It All Done!
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Episode nine is up, and features everyone's favorite filthy fae!

And the you tube, Wizard of Oz lovers, it's a blast back to 1914 or so, with the man himself, Baum, producing!


A set of eight textures for Arcebus's free dress for Quilty!

That was really odd, the page loaded before I got the file uploaded! XD It's there, ready to download, though.

Hope you enjoy!

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