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 What it's all about...
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I guess first of all I should introduce myself. Only polite, right?

So, where to start...

Considering that I am a 32-year-old single woman, my favourite book-shopping-buddy is my pastor's 15-year-old teenage daughter. Eighty percent of my co-workers are barely out of puberty (low to mid 20s), and they act like it! I attend a weekly Ladies Bible Study with women who are mostly my mom's age or older and have kids who are out of high school, or married and with kids of their own.

When I need guidance, I go to my male pastor (there is a couple pasturing my church, but I seem to be able to talk to the husband easier than the wife). The woman I most closely identify with is a former journalist who's married and has two kids in grade school. I absolutely have no clue how to talk to anyone who doesn't like movies or share at least one of my passions, namely the love of the written word.

In short, I really don't hang around adults my age.

Frankly, I believe I don't qualify to be a 32-year-old. Some days I think I'm just a kid stuck in an adult body, my brain just never really caught up with my body. Other days, I think I should have been a man. I just can't understand chicks, uh women, who actually want to watch stuff like soup films (sorry, "daytime dramas") or any kind of dramas at all. Or the going to the bathroom in a group thing, or just what the heck "McDreamy" is supposed to be.

I guess you could say I'm kind of like the person who got stuck in the twilight zone; it's all my life, sure, but it just doesn't feel like anything fits into a neat little box. In older people these things are adorable; we call them eccentrics. Me, I guess I'm just an oddball.

My favourite thing to do on a weekend is curl up in front of my laptop in my blanket, watching the newest episode of my favourite Asian Drama. I never miss an episode of Heroes, and I absolutely hate Reality TV.

Other things I enjoy: I read Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and also write it. I often say, "Life is serious enough without having to read or watch it." I hang out at a bookstore at least one hour every other week, if I don't I get withdrawal symptoms (I kid you not!). Doesn't matter what kind of bookstore (Chapters, Mom & Pop type bookstores, used bookstores, or the local Christian bookstores), as long as it's got a large fantasy & sci-fi section, I'm in heaven!

I listen to music because it moves me; mostly alternative rock, the heavier the drums the better, but also enjoy a good instrumental movie soundtrack on occasion.

Recently I got into graphic arts, playing around with creating some 3D art, which is kinda fun, but takes waaay too much time and patience. (Which is a virtue, unfortunately, not one of mine.)

I'm kinda quiet, don't hang out with lots of people, or go out much... unless I'm with close friends -- where I turn into a complete chatterbox, especially when the conversation's about movies or TV shows. Can't get me to shut up! I kid you not.

As to my employment accomplishments, it's nothing to get excited over. I've been a data entry clerk, a mail sorter, a receptionist, a school newspaper editor, a church librarian-advisor, and an internet content "filter", just to name a few.

I've typed numbers and letters and speeds that would make Superman proud. Sorted mail into tidy little bundles until I thought I'd go numb. Answered phones while managing to screw up a two-line system that, to anyone else, of course, seemed a simple and easy procedure. Researched, interviewed for, wrote, edited and oversaw the process of college newspaper articles. Tried to get my head back on straight by attempting some education of the computer kind. Bought hundreds of books just to put a smile on someone's face; and most recently, I've been wasting most of my daytime looking at German websites trying to sort them into categories and make some sort of sense of the madness that is called the internet. Oh, and did I mention that I've been "nominated" to be in charge of putting on the Easter program at my church next year?

I've done a lot of different things, and I've learned that the only real certainty is that you have to keep learning. I know that numerical data entry is the most mind-numbing job in the world, followed by a close second mail sorting, and a not to distant third, creating queries for websites.

So what do I enjoy doing? Well, I'm a projects oriented person. I like to see things come to their completion. There's nothing as frustrating as having a dozen things on the go, none of them finished. So the most fulfilling work for me has been working on projects from start to finish, preferably in a team, because it's just too hard to have a good laugh by yourself. Plus, people tend to think you're nuts. LOL

Okay, ran out of inspiration.

Anyway, I guess my goal in starting this blog is to write down some of my thoughts, story ideas and dreams I have. Firstly, because I want to practice my writing; and secondly, because it seemed like the thing to do at the time. hahaha

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