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9:37 am

 More on Team Animation
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3d Sun/Earth animation is finished and has been sent to the rest of the team, plus, last night I found that Ben had sent me some backgrounds for colouring as he promised to, so I did those last night, he says he'll send me some more.

Most of the written work I've done - just a presentation to pull together with any new stuff I can get hold of (plus backgrounds).

7:40 pm

 Animating My Socks Off
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I've really enjoyed this latest team animation. It's been so interesting to watch and take part in the fantastic morphing of ideas that goes on.

Two of us came up with an idea; after looking first at Loki and the Norse legends, we then moved to Prometheus and the legend of stealing fire from the Gods.

I then wrote the first script, Chloe made an animatic from that, many ideas oozed around among the 4 of us, then the script got changed about halfway through at another production meeting, a second animatic was produced, then it was too long, and our peers didn't like the lemons joke, so it was changed again - and somehow came out even longer!

We decided on mostly hand drawn animation with me doing a sun animation for the ending – the latest iteration of which is what I'm waiting for now.

I wonder how many more I'll have to do before I get it working properly...

4:15 pm

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Never did find out what it was supposed to mean, so... Blogs: Blinking Lunatic Organic Gushing Service probably about sums it up for me. That must mean it's a licence to waffle - hey! My kind of stuff!

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