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5:19 am

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How time flies...
It's been some days since the last time I was here (I was out of town for a couple of days).
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow my new computer's going to arrive (Yaaaay!)
There are still a lot of things I have to do in and around the house (Nooooo!)
A friend of mine still has my USB flash drive with a lot of my pictures ... whoops...

Come on, fireplace! I know, you can do it!
*sing* "It may be winter outside, but in my heart it's spring..."

I hope all my American friends had a nice Thanks Giving (whatsoever you celebrated) and everyone is getting into Christmas mood slowly but surely. I don't... Isn't it too early for Christmas? Where was the fall? Now - wham! - it's winter. And I'm freezing to death, you damn fireplace!

All the best, the kindest of regards and a wonderful time!

Your Katja
perishing by cold

4:12 am

 Please, oh Lord, ...
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... give us some nicer weather! There have been clouds covering sky and sun for so many days now. Rain, rain, rain! I can't take any good outside photos with these conditions... At least no warm ones.

And pleeeaaase, let me find some place to study something I like! It's such a shame that all the politicians ask for dedicated and well educated young folks and then there are not enough university places.

Good Lord, hold your hand over all artists in this artistically unfriendly world (what wordplay haha), listen to their needs and keep an eye on them (they could be doing something stupid). May their colors not dry out and may their cameras never run out of battery in the exact moment of what would have been the best capture in their life.
Oh and please, Lord, give me some chocolate...

And never forget:
Q. Why did the boy throw his toast out the window?
A. He wanted to see the butter fly.

5:37 am

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Finally I made it! I uploaded my first picture on renderosity! And I can't believe it - I really got my first comment! Aaaand it's a good one! ;o)
I am really happy that I took the chance and am finally displaying some of my stuff. Hopefully the people like it...
I apologize for any mistakes in writing and grammar. Obviously I'm not English (I'm German), I'm done with school (finally! x.x) and to tell the truth: I am to lazy to look up every single word I'm not sure of how to spell it the right way. As long as everyone understands at least half of what I want to say it's alright!

So then... Finally... That word sounds like something is over, but I just begun! Let me end with a nice word (Yes, ok, I looked it up... I hope it's the right one):

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