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 Come see our new featured artists!
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3D CG Artist Scott Patton - Avatar and film artist
Fine Arts Artist Marilyn Hansen - sculptor and painter

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 Creating Textures
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I wrote this article and posted it on the photography page of my site, but though that it may be of use to you here.  It is fairly entry level, but my hope is to encourage and inspire. Enjoy!

Photography and High Quality Graphical Texture
Shooting Textures for Graphic Artists
(For use in print design, website graphics, advertising graphics and 3d texture)
You will need a five plus megapixel camera with manual adjustment capabilities and a macro mode or lens (for close ups). An external or bounce flash is optional but nice, especially in low light environments.
Other Equipment
A tripod and an external flash may come in handy for many situations.
Good image editing programs like Photoshop, Gimp and Paintshop are necessary in order to prepare quality textures. These can be acquired here at found in the blue sidebar under photo software and graphic software.
Plan in advance
Plan to shoot ‘packages’ or ‘series’ in advance. You may have to wait for ideal situations to begin your photo shoot. It is good to have a plan for when the ‘time is right’. Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the shoot.
For some textures, diffused light is good, like on an overcast day. Avoid strong lighting.  For instance, while shade and light bring out some intense texture, the future 3d artist will want to create their own shade and lighting for their scene. They will do this with 3d program lighting, displacement and/or bump maps. For instance, bricks and stone cast shadows if shot in direct sunlight, and the shadows may not align with the same direction as the light source the artist will want to use in a 3d or graphical application.
If you use light, use side light rather than direct light to bring out the surface texture, but not too much. Try to avoid obvious directional shadowing.
To shoot brick, siding and stone facades, think about what the artist will use for maps as well as for the main texture. Bump and displacement maps use variations of grey, black and white to create depth. Dark lowers the surface while light raises the surface.
Your texture does not necessarily have to be the main event.   Keep in mind that you want to focus on capturing the essence of the texture rather than a prize photo. It could look rather dull or boring, but that is ok, because the future 3d or graphic artist may use it for a repeating pattern, or a tiled image, and if it has too much variation and detail it will not repeat well.
Not all textures need to be repeatable though, they can be the main focus, but you want to keep in mind what it will be used for in the future.
Shoot your subject from several different angles. This will help you to improve your technique. 
For repeating patterns, like brick, tile and wood, you want shoot straight on.
Sharp is good
Shoot at the highest resolution possible. (You can always decrease size). Sharpness is a key to good texture.
Experimentation is paramount.
Popular Types of Textures
Wood, metal, rust, plaster, roofing, siding, glass, painted surfaces, dirt, plastic, stone, bark, grass, crumpled paper, grunge, burn the edges, tile, rock, gravel, leaves, plants , skies (HDRI), buildings, are just a few examples.
Above all, have fun!

6:51 pm

 EROC3D.COM website is now published - Valentine gift
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HAPPY VALENTINES in advance.  Free valentine for you....

Happy Valentines Day

It is a lot of work to publish a site!
It is a long ways from where I image it to go, but it is a start.  It will increase in content as I am able to forsake the ticking second hand on the clock of life.  Man time flies....when your having fun.

Please check out our website

We cater to artists and art lovers.  That encompasses artists, photographers, 3d CG artists, painters, animators, movie makers, advertisers, architects and designers.  We help to provide tools, software and content, both free and for sale.  We have a community forum where artists can share their work and discuss things pertaining to their industry and software. Eventually as our community grows, artists can vote on the top art submissions for each year.  We hope to publish these.  Artists will be able to market their artwork and content in the future, as the community gains exposure.  EROC3D.COM is a newly published site.  Please enjoy your visit, and give feedback.  Thank you.

I am looking forward to creating content and sharing/providing it to the Renderosity community.  That is next on my agenda.

Oh I almost forgot.  On the free page I included a free Valentine Gift in .obj format.  Just in time for Valentines Day.


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