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4:55 am

 The BEST compliment EVER!
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Oh and my God...

Ok, so my drawing 1 class started last night. First night was short class, just going over what we need for class & what's expected of us. My professor is awesome, she's really down to earth & seems really nice. She included her email & a link to her website on our materials list.

So I got home, went to her website & was blown away by her art! Her drawings are amazing. So I emailed her & told her I loved her work and put in a PS - my website is

She actually went & looked at it! I couldn't sleep so I got up & checked my email, this is what she sent:

"Liz - Truly amazing and wonderful stuff. I didn't know what to expect and I'm blown away. Deal: I teach you how to draw and you teach me how to do this digital stuff...lovely work. Am also a sci-fi nerd and was thinking about you on the drive home (reading material for your interest in fantasy genre). So much to share -- we'll talk Tuesday. Have a great weekend.
Ms. G "

BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!!!! I mean, wow! I'm so touched and wow. lol. I can't even think straight.

I just hope I can pull off this traditional drawing stuff lol. I'm so excited for this class & can't wait for Tuesday for the first 'getting down to business' class! I was excited before I read her email, but now I'm even more excited & frankly EVEN MORE NERVOUS! lol.

Wow, I'm blown away. I've never gotten such a nice compliment from someone, let alone someone who really knows art!

WOW! =)

9:32 am

 Returning to college at 30.
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Well, I've taken the plunge and decided to go back to college... and i'm 30!

And, I'm majoring in graphic design. Eventually, I'd like to work in the video game industry so I've been doing a ton of research and talking to instructors & councelors at school trying to get all my ducks in a row.

I don't have my associates degree yet, but, I have 44 credit hours completed. Most of those credits are in maths, science, English & foreign languages.. you know, the basic stuff. I did well when I went before & am sure I will again... kind of...

You see, to major in fine art - graphic design, you must first complete a certification program in one of 5 graphic design fields. I can't recall all of them off hand, but they include illustration, multimedia design & animation.

Seeing as the animation certification requires classes in Maya, I'm thinking this is the way I need to go. But, this certification also requires several tradtional drawing classes, and that my friends *scares me*!!!

I have had no training in drawing. I've never been very good at drawing! I mean, I can draw more than stick figures, lol, but I've never drawn by hand with paper & pencil the way I'd like to. Technology is what helped me realize that I have even a little bit of artistic ability in me, and the idea of sketching without my handy dandy Photoshop & Wacom makes me feel a little intimidated!

So, since I am limited on how many classes I can take this fall due to money (just one class, lol) I decided to take the basic drawing 1 class. It's required for either the animation or multimedia design certification, which are the 2 I'm interested in. I'd love to go the route of animation, but it requires 3 traditional drawing classes where as multimedia design only requires the one I'm taking now.

I guess the answer will come to me by the time I complete this class. If I manage to learn anything & find I have any artistic ability at all, then I will persue animation. However, if I just flat out suck at drawing... multimedia here I come.

Though I have to admit, my real desire is the animation certificate.

One thing that's really cool about it all is that I will basicly have my associates degree after I get my certificate due to having all of my general education requirements met. =) I think I may need one more class in social science, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

Anyway, I'm really excited to be finally doing this. Not just going back to college, but going back for what I really love, with no one holding me back & telling me 'no'!

Wish me luck!

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