Streams of Something or Another
by Desgar

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1:04 pm

 Hiatus Update
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Having issues with work, (lack of) personal life, and my finicky muse.  I'm supposed to go on vacation soon, and I need to start asking hard questions. No new art for a while.

9:51 am

 On hiatus
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Work is putting me under a lot of pressure as of late, plus there's a HUGE disconnect between where I am and where I would like to be. I need more time to sort these things out, but what if that means outright quitting my job?

4:46 am

 Epiphany for You
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There was a time once where I felt invincible.  That I felt I could do great things with my art in my own good time.  When I first started crafting Shion and Aseska's world I felt really good about things.


And then the recession came. And having to help my mother out more due to declining health. And taking on more responsibility (and blame, and less free time) at the job I have right now. And having to move and STILL not yet unpacked!


Ten years after I started writing VixenFire, things and life had changed and I wasn't prepared for any of it. I kept my head in the sand and hoped the stars would eventually align.

 I'm 42 now.  The stars STILL didn't align, and - guess what -  they're NOT supposed to.


Don't wait to pursue your dream.  Get a plan together, find a trusted friend or two, and JUST GET IT OUT THERE.  If it fails, find out why and try another way.  If it succeeds, congratulations. Keep going.


6:08 pm

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I just recovered from a three-day migraine that my job and (unfortunately) family affairs did nothing to alleviate.


For the last several weeks I've done some fact-finding and soul searching. I really need to change my job situation. Working six days a week with constant self-doubt and aggravation won't buy me freedom or self-satisfaction. I've had enough.


The grass may or may not be greener on the other side, but I sure won't gain ANYTHING by standing still either.

9:44 am

 Marie (mari_e17), part 2
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What i wanted to was to get her OK to put her Emireth V3 character in a romantic relationship with one of my characters. Since I don't have any way to reach her, should I just take my chances, or scrap the idea?

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