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8:50 am

 A Quick Purge
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Greetings, Salutations, Hi.

I have three things that have been harassing my brain of late and thought I’d better put them down before the Swiss cheese sieve that is my memory accidentally craps out an idea and I forget.  Now, when I say harassing, I mean obsessing over for almost aaaaaaaaaabout a month now.  Maybe if I put them down, my mind will calm and not think I’ll forget these EVER IMPORTANT IDEAS. >.<

1: I keep having this dream of a self-sustaining, power redundant vehicle.  It charges by way of solar power panels that are built into the body of the car (and if need be as a back-up, can plug into an outlet in the garage or other charging stations to charge the battery- nothing new there).  This starts the engine and helps run the electronics, but the car itself gets a continual power source by way of ventilation at the grill and sections around the baseboard- wind power.  As the car moves it sustains the power source that gets it moving by using the wind AS it moves.  The engine is built along the same lines as a remote control car- no oil/grease/transmission fluid necessary.  No gas.  Period.  Don’t know if this can work since I’m still waiting for my brain to dream up and give me the damn schematics.  Hell, I don ‘t know if this has already been patented or in practice, but that car in my head was nothing like I’ve ever seen before- this started a month ago, so hopefully now I can actually get an artistic rendering of it sometime soon.

2: AWOLNATION’s Sail has been repeating itself in my skull for two weeks, continually.  I wake up it’s there, I do my work it’s there, I go to sleep it’s there.  Not only is my brainpan on re-run with this song, but it’s also working up a 3D animated video, and as the song repeats, more of this “video” gets arranged, figured out, worked on, “seen” and replayed for tweaking.  I’ve never animated ANYTHING before.  I’ve spent my free time during lunch and breaks researching tutorials and papers and videos (bookmarks? I have boat loads) to try and learn this, because this is now the second time my brain has done this to me-the first time took almost five months of this constant work before I was able to let it go.  I wasn’t even working in computer artwork then. O.o  All I can say is that this will involve a man, a woman, body parts, undead bodies and urban ruins.  Yeah, Walking Dead influence there.

3: Modeling 3D props.  Be it clothing, buildings, assets, props, characters……..oi.  I’m learning Silo, and how to do basic things (Figures shoes were some of the hardest (so I was told) to make and I start there) and have sketched out five complete outfits already, along with a full blown character named Gizmo…he’s a Tree Dragon.  Learning modeling isn’t just learning modeling with me.  It involves learning how to UV map correctly, fix numerous issues with UV/Polys, grouping, rigging, and eventually back to animating (which will make my brain with #2 VERY HAPPY).  Boots, pants, shirts (sleeveless and no), dresses, arm bracers, cuffs, dynamic and conforming, morphs, cr2 editing…oi.  Then, learning all of this for Daz Studio 4.6 Pro after figuring it out for Poser 10.

Some days, I hate my brain.

4: Finishing the Tarot is of the utmost importance.  I have two more to complete- Wheel/Tower.

I have to go through the rest to be sure I finished the Major Arcana face cards and work with theowl68.deviantart.com/ to finalize everything else (backs and such) before figuring out if we want a boxed set, where we will sell them (Some sites have a print on demand option which I would rather work with), get a test printing and then …….fix issues if there are any before starting the REAL DEAL MARKETING.  For now we (Jude and I) have been giving tidbits of what’s been going on.  Think we need to step up on that soon, too.

……….I think………for now………..that’s it?  As in What’s Been Bugging Dar’s Brainpan, anyway.

Peace, out.

9:09 am

 Promotion- Nightmare Illustrated
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Nightmare Illustrated magazine, the new picto-fiction page-turner from Horrified Press. Special Halloween first issue.  

"The early reviews are in for Suzie Lockhart & Bruce Lockhart's collection of terrifying stories. 'Adventures in Horrorland' will become available to the public on October 23rd in both paperback and digital formats via Lulu.com.

"ADVENTURES IN HORRORLAND is a fun-filled ride through a dark mind on a cloudy day. As this obscurity diminishes, these stories offer us glimpses into a grim world."

--Kenneth W. Cain, author of FRESH CUT TALES, THESE OLD TALES, THE SAGA OF I trilogy and THE DEAD CIVIL WAR "

Released to the public October 22nd, it's a rather unique and interesting read with different styles of artwork to enjoy.  

I am hoping next month I will have my artwork and a little story involving my favorite psychopath Damian listed in the credits!  Support the writers, artists and the still growing publishing company!  Purchase one today!  for $7.14 you get a printed paperback version of this unique collection!

I know I'm getting one, and I'll be damned if I don't when my work is in it (Which is actually next month, but I'd suggest starting the collection now.  :) )! 

7:02 am

 Darwins Digital Men
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Yes, installment 3 is up on ShareCG, soon to be here in my freebie section when/if it's approved!

Four character morphs- head inj/rem as well as complete inj/rem files for Baptiste, Lucius, Naija and Danni for M4.

Enjoy!  No restrictions other than to please not distribute the files as your own.  Other than that, have at'em.





7:03 am

 Sandy is NOT dandy.
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Well, I *Had* power.


I now longer have the luxury.   Until further notice, I am out of power and will not be posting artwork or commenting.  I'll udpate when I can.  Best wishes to all of us in this mess.


6:01 am

 It's been awhile, hasn't it?
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Not that many if any read what I put in, but hey-may happen, right?  XD

I wanted to send a written thank you to so many here that have helped me out with tips, advice, or pointed me towards tutorials to get me through my experimentation of making skins.  I've not gotten it all down just yet, and (thanks be to the powers above) I won't have much more time to keep digging.

I managed to finally get a job-not one I can keep going with my artwork, mind you-but one that will pay my bills.  I am now sicker than a dog and have three days until I'm on a bus heading to the (literal) middle of nowhere.

I may or may  not pop in here and there during the next few weeks-or I may just drop off the face of the planet.


Either way, I'll be back.

Hugs to those in the know!  *HUGS!*


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