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5:13 pm

 new beginnings
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Im starting over.

New computer.

New apartment.

New...storyline...heh heh.

I saw Out of Touch's "Beat Babe" for Dawn ( which I did DL'd, but havent used her yet, as Im still getting used to the Genesis folks from Daz) and I was mesmerized by the whole outfit. I searched to see if He or she mad refits for Vicki or any of the other girls, and they havent gotten back to me yet..

So I started thinking...why not try to make something for yourself?

I have no idea on what to do..or where to start. lol. Although I remembered I do own a copy of Hexagon on my new computer... so Im gonna try my hand at that and see  where that leads me. Google is a great way to find free stuff...just fyi. lulz

2:13 pm

 Where do I go from here?
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Eh, Ive had artist block for a few weeks now...just havent had a chance to really get down to the nitty gritty... But one thing I have settled on was buyin a bigger HDD..and maybe some more RAM. Oh..cant forget.. a new vid card. The one I have is rather slow and  "outdated" so Ill need somthin to render just a tad bit faster.

Anywho...animation is somthing that has intrigued me since I knew how to draw. But I never knew how tuff it is to actually do it. Ill get the hang of it for now... but I need to jumpstart my brain...

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