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1:27 pm

 Is there a cashe to be cleared?
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It's the files that are messing me up... Plus, everytime I open DAZ there's more and more files in the content viewing... Is there a cashe or something that needs to be cleared? How do I do it? ANY help would be so appreciated.

11:08 am

 Slo but sho
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Ok, I found a lot of great tuts for the 3D stuff I have... now I just gotta take... no... make the time to read and practice them! lol... I hate reading technical stuff... but this is just something that has to be done in order to learn something I want to know about, right? lol.. Ok... so here goes! I'll be back when I'm ready to show ya! ROFLH

2:31 pm

 Just got and already frustrated
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I'm totally new to 3D anything lol. But I like challenges... Anyways, if they would include some tutorials and a decent amount of stuff in to dl's, it wouldn't be so frustrating. One doll, one outfit, one short hair (which I don't like) just isn't enough to peak my interest to learn more... I'm not one to go out and buy stuff that someone else did... that's just not right. I wanna make my own characters, clothes etc... THAT'S wny I got into it in the first place!

Oh well... guess I'll take a break and come back to it later after I've calmed down.

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