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 MERRY CHRISTMAS in 2012 and HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2013!
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It's Christmas 2012!

I uploaded a Christmas Greeting Card made by the "COLUMBAN FATHERS." They are a Catholic Christian Missionary group.


See the beautiful Christmas Greeting Card at the link below:


Visit the COLUMBAN FATHERS official website at the link below:


Have A Blessed Christmas in 2012 and a Happy New Year in 2013!


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 The DIVINE MERCY Of Our Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST- Related Blog
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This blog is about the world famous "DIVINE MERCY" picture. There are many different versions of this beautiful image out there, but all depict Jesus, touching his Sacred Heart. For example, some Divine Mercy images have more of an atmosphere in the background (clouds, mist, etc).


I was given this image at a Church gathering a while ago. This Divine Mercy picture is widely circulated within the Catholic Christian Church & it's Communities.

After scanning the image in, I reduced the size, added the yellow border on the outside of the picture, and sharpened the quality just a bit. My screen-name & the edit date were typed on the image's edges. PAINT.NET & PHOTOSCAPE were used in the editing process.


In this version, the red & blue rays of light are emanating from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Wearing a long gown, our Lord is touching his chest with his left hand (read Saint Faustina's description of this image below).

There is a real-life story behind the origin & purpose of this Divine Mercy picture.

Between 1930 and 1938, Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, appeared to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. She was a member ofthe Sisters of Mercy, in Poland back in those days.

Jesus Christ wanted Saint Faustina to re-teach to humanity the story of His undying love, and also how disappointed He is in human beings, for not fully & completely trusting in His Mercy & goodness.

On February 22, 1931, Saint Faustina wrote in her diary, the holy encounters she experienced. She states that:

"I saw Jesus dressed in a white garment. He held one hand raised in blessing, and with the other, He was touching the garment at the breast. From under the garment came two rays of light, one red, the other pale."

During this holy encounter Saint Faustina had with our Lord & Savior, she knelt motionless, while He spoke to her:

"Paint a picture according to the vision you see and with the inscription, 'Jesus, I trust in You.' I desire that this picture be venerated first in your chapel and then throughout the whole world."

This apparition of Jesus, King of Mercy, repeated itself several times to Saint Faustina. Her confessor advised her to ask for an explanation of what the red & pale (white) rays mean. When the apparition occured again, she did ask, and was told that:

"The rays on the picture represent the blood & water, which gushed forth from the depths of My Mercy, when My agonizing Heart was opened on the Cross. The pale rays symbolize the water, which justifies the soul; the red rays represent blood, which is the life of the soul. These rays shield the soul before the wrath of My Father. Fortunate is he who lives in their shelter, for the just hand of God will never reach Him."

Related to this holy image, Jesus gave Saint Fautina a phrase to repeat 3 times, during the Divine Mercy prayer, which goes like this:

"O Blood and Water, which has gushed forth from the heart of Jesus, as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You."

During the very first apparition she had, Our Lord instructed Saint Faustina to paint a picture with the words:

"Jesus, I trust in You."

At first, Saint Faustina tried to sketch the picture herself, but she failed, since she was not an artist. After many different trials & many different artists, she eventually found someone who could paint the image for her.

Still, Saint Faustina was disappointed with the picture, for she believed that the painted image, simply did not properly capture the true beauty, goodness & kindness of Our Lord; the way which Jesus had appeared to her.

Saint Faustina actually complained to Our Lord about how the image was lacking in accurately depicting his true nature. Jesus told her not to worry, and that the painted image will be good enough. It is the purpose of the image that is much more important that it's appearence.

Jesus Christ stressed why the purpose was more important: He wants the Divine Mercy image to be venerated, and He even attached a promise to it:

"I promise that the soul that will venerate this picture, will not perish. I further promise to that soul, victory over its enemies already on earth, and especially in the hour of death. I, Myself, shall defend that soul as My own glory."

The Divine Mercy Prayer, which Catholic Christians recite today, using Holy Rosary beads, was also shown & told to Saint Faustina in September of 1935, in a vision from God.

Also, based on further instructions which Jesus Christ gave to Saint Faustina, the Catholic Church has a Novena to the Divine Mercy. Basically, this means a 9 day prayer, which starts on Good Friday, and which will end on the First Sunday after Easter, which is known as DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY (in 2011, this happened on Sunday May 1st).

Link to the picture- DIVINE MERCY of Our Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST:

If you would like to know more about the Salvation History behind the Divine Mercy picture, you can look it up on Wiki-Pedia or do an Internet Search for "Divine Mercy," "Saint Faustina," "Faustina Kowalska."

You can also send me a Private Message (PM) if you have any specific questions or comments.

Thanks & GOD Bless you!

3:13 am

 First Blog About My First Image: JESUS CHRIST- EASTER RESURRECTION- 1st Image
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This is the First Image I have uploaded onto this Renderosity!

First of all, I must state that I am NOT the original artist. The picture was signed by a "CASSELL," the original artist. I couldn't find him/her, or their works anywhere on the internet.

I edited this image by doing the following:

= After I scanned in the Picture;
= I added in the Outter Frame (the Green Leaf Patterns);
= Sharpen the Image a bit;
= Added in some text info;
= Reduced the Size & Modified the Resolution of the Image.

That's pretty much all I did.

Oh yeah: and I made up the title: JESUS CHRIST- EASTER RESURRECTION- 1st Image. I don't think that was the name of the original picture.



Size: 420 kB
Dimensions: 546x796

Link To The Picture:


Paint.NET (Version 3.5.8),

Real World Paint.Com (Version 2009.1),

PhotoScape (Version 3.5)


This image seems to show Jesus Christ standing infront of the place called "Golgotha," the hill of Calvary. In the background, we can see the crosses of the 2 thieves on either side & Cross of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ in the middle.

To the left of Jesus, behind Him, you can see the giant round rock slab, which originally covered the entrance of his tomb, is now opening up, with light shining through.

The original artist of this picture, made Jesus somewhat transparent here, but just a bit. I found this image at a Church gathering. I was told it was an old picture from many years ago. They were going to throw it away, so I decided to salvage it.

Again, I did not draw or create this image. It was originally drawn many years ago by another artist, probably for a Christian Greeting/Seasonal Card. The back of this picture actually has a lot of text, describing the life of Saint Therese, a female Saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

By the Grace of GOD, I will post an image of St. Therese, along with the description of her life, which was written on the back of this particular image. I didn't think it would fit well with the theme of Easter Resurrection, in this case.


In the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Lent traditionally begins on Ash Wednesday. From then on, it's a 40 Day Period, until Easter Sunday, which then leads into the Easter Season.

Since Jesus Christ went into the desert to fast for 40 Days after he was Baptized, the Catholic Church over the Centuries adopted the 40 Days for Lent as an important season in the Christian year. Of course, the number 40 has appeared in many other significant passages throughout the Christian Bible, and has been associated with many significant events, especially in the Old Testament.

In Christianity, Lent is a holy period of fasting, abstaining from various pleasures, penance, deep prayer & helping the poor, so that you get closer to GOD, by imitating the life & ministery of Jesus Christ. It's not just about losing weight because you fast & eat healthy. Lent is much more than that.

Tha last week of Lent is called "Holy Week." A week before Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday is Celebrated. At the end of Lent, we have Holy Thursday, then Good Friday, the day of Jesus' Passion, Crucifixion & Death, for the sins of the whole world, followed by Holy Saturday, and ultimatley Easter Sunday, the day on which Jesus Christ resurrects from death.

This particular picture seems to show Jesus Christ sometime after the Resurrection.

I was moved by the Holy Spirit to upload this picture on Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011).

Thank You For Reading.
Thank You For Viewing The Image.

GOD Bless You!


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