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5:41 pm

 Sex and Renderosity
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It's struck me for a long time that Renderosity has a difficult position with regards to pictures of a sexual nature.

There's a line beyond which it has to discourage entries of a sexual nature. It wouldn't do for Renderosity to become just another pornographic site. So, for instance, the recent Project_Nemesis pictures have pushed about as far as is permissible on content. And many artists, such as Danter, voluntarily censor what they show on the site.

However, it's an uncomfortable fact that many of the best pictures on Renderosity are hidden behind the Advisory Content warning.

Why is that?

Why is it that most (although not all) the best artists on the site present illustrations of a sexual nature. In fact, if I'd never peeked behind the Advisory Content warning, I'd have missed out on most of the best pictures on the site.

Clearly, Renderosity's admin staff have noticed this trend as well which is why there is a very light touch on censorship. Although from my perspective, it'd be good if I didn't have to open all those hidden windows just to check that I'm not missing out on a good picture, I can understand why this step is there.

Perhaps another way could be devised to save having to click on these Advisory Content Warnings (so often hi-jacked to show nude horses and suggestions of mild violence) that would stay within the remit of the site, but in general I approve of the site's policies.

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