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6:22 pm

 You don't have to explain your art... to anyone.
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Everybody is not going to "get" you. Everybody is not going to "get" your art, either. When they don't, chalk it up to human nature, and the unavoidable chasms that exist in communication.

Though we seek to impart our souls in words, in body language, in music, and art, keep in mind that some who see are blind, and some who hear are deaf.

You DON'T have to explain the "reasoning" behind your art. To anyone. Such explanations will only be cognitively grasped, anyway.

Let the profundity speak to those who DO get it. Let the rest flounder.

It is akin to people listening to poetry:
Some will only detect its rhyme, or lack thereof; but the Understanding ones will Feel and Hear and See and Sense in all manner of ways.

For the Understanding to tell the "rhyme-oriented" that they tasted the tang of an orange or saw a universe unfold in the poem will be meaningless.

The rhyme-folk still won't taste it or see...

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