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6:22 pm

 RPG burnout?
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I dunno what's crawled under the saddle, but I'm getting pretty
burned out on RPGing. I just find no joy in doing it any more nor
going to one of the site forums that I used to.

There's been too much petty bickering and other BS going on
around there. Inspiration? What's that?

It's something I really don't have much of.

I just find myself wondering why I'm still doing's not fun
any more and that's part of the problem.

I'm going to see about joining a chum's tabletop game and see
if that might help recharge my batteries, but I don't have much
hope of it...I'm just...tired.

Tired of having to fight to create a character or a variant that is
'suitable' for the game in question...tired of "always" being the
GM, and the "brains of the outfit"...tired of people just...vanishing
on me.

Dunno what to do right now...stick it out, or just walk away for a

Maybe I should just sit in my corner and do art for a good, long

6:51 am

 Not the most active "blogger" in the world...
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And where would I rather be today?

Curled up in front of my computer, fighting with Cararra 3d Express, trying to figure out what it's
supposed to be able to do for me....

It wouldn't be the first software that takes me a
bit to get used to...I just wish I had more time to
fight with it.

But, I gotta go to work, so I can afford my new 3D
addiction... :P

Maybe after I wake up, I can jot down some notes on my 3d philosophy and the "why" and "how" some things
wind up the way they do in my art? Might as well put
up something to entertain those who are interested
enough to stop by and read/view my work!



12:28 pm

 08.31.07: Who knew this was here?
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There's a blog here?

So far, this place *is* a little easier to deal
with than my DA site, but I'm going to keep
both, I guess, and make one day a week to update
a blog and say something worthwhile, I hope...

Pros: *Easeier interface and less hassle to upload an image.
*Less time-outs on uploading said image.
*I can actually *find* what I'm looking for, for the most part!
*Great store and great free-stuff sections...Nuff said there!
*Good forums, from what I've seen so far...

Cons: *Remembering to upload a new image, as I'm
only able to do one per day, vs. updating my
gallery with several pics on one day...
*Waaaaaayyyy too much cool stuff in my wishlist
and not nearly enough money to buy it all at once! :(

So far, so good....

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