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8:25 am

 Breaking into your own house!
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I'm so sick of people pulling the "race card!"

Here are the facts:

1. He was "breaking" into his house.

2. A neighbour who didn't know who the guy was, called the police.

3. The police responded and wanted to make sure the guy in the house was who he claimed to be, so to do that they need to see identification.

He should be thankful that the neighbour was concerned enough to call the police.

He should be thankful that the police who responded to the call wanted to make sure that he was actually the person who lived there and not some burglar who claimed to live there.

Now, the fact that this incident prompted a response from the President is completely and totally ridiculous!

The guy completely over reacted. If I were the police I wouldn't apologize either. They were simply doing their job and protecting the guys property.

Shame one the idiot for making this into a racial affair!!!

If you click on the image in that article to enlarge it you'll notice that one of the officers on the scene is black! I suppose he's a racist?

10:45 pm

 Ed McMahon on Larry King Live
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Anyone watch Ed McMahon on Larry King Live?

He and his wife were on talking about how he may lose his house because he defaulted on his 4.8 million dollar mortgage and is behind $644,000 in payments.

I really have no clue what the purpose of them being on the show talking about it was.

Apparently he "fell" 18 months ago and injured his neck and had surgery. He hasn't disclosed the nature of his fall, not that it matters really. He wears a neck brace which he said he can take off. But according to him he has been unable to work. He did a pretty good job of talking on the show, so why he can't work is beyond me. He could do voice-overs or spokesman work, even Larry King hinted at that. I mean it's not like he's an action hero. He's been a spokesman for most of his celebrity career and speaking and voice overs is hardly strenuous work.

At one point in the show Larry King read an email that someone sent in. The person said that he wanted to help Ed keep his house and wanted to know if there was a fund that he could donate too.

Larry King asked them if they were planning on accepting donations from people. Ed's wife Pam spoke up and said something along the lines of "we should all help each other." Like duh!!! I can't believe she hinted at the fact that they would accept donations in order to be able to keep their 4.8 million dollar house! I think that was the whole purpose of the show actually!

I searched on the internet and according to everything I've read, apparently his money problems has to do with his alcoholism from 10 years ago that he's never been able to recover from, and apparently he has been trying to sell the house for the past 2 years, but because he lives next door to Britney Spears, the property value has gone down and no one wants to move into the area because of the paparazzi.

I like Ed McMahon, but come on. Everyone falls on hard times at one point in time or another and we adjust. If he can't afford to live in a 4.8 million dollar house then he should reduce the selling price and move into a cheaper house or condo that he can afford. People do that every single day. He isn't the only one in the world facing bank foreclosure on his house because of a change in his financial situation. I'm sure the 2 of them could live quite comfortably in a $500,000 or $1,000,000 house!

I can see going on air and asking for donations to help with medical costs, but to help pay their 4.8 milliong dollar mortgage?! Like OMG!!

5:51 pm

 He Should Have Lost His License!
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Here is a portion of the article. There is much more.

"OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - An oral surgeon who temporarily implanted fake boar tusks in his assistant's mouth as a practical joke and got sued for it has gotten the state's high court to back up his gag.

Dr. Robert Woo of Auburn had put in the phony tusks while the woman was under anesthesia for a different procedure. He took them out before she awoke, but he first shot photos that eventually made it around the office.

The employee, Tina Alberts, felt so humiliated when she saw the pictures that she quit and sued her boss.

Woo's insurance company, Fireman's Fund, refused to cover the claim, saying the practical joke was intentional and not a normal business activity his insurance policy covered, so Woo settled out of court. He agreed to pay Alberts $250,000, then he sued his insurers."

Further in the article he claims that he's thrilled with the decision of the courts.

I would be thrilled too if I humiliated someone like he did and then profited to the tune of a half million dollars!!!

I feel bad for the girl who he did that too. The article said that he took pictures but didn't show them to the girl. However, he showed them around the office. It was evidently supposed to be a private joke between him and other employees (not the girl), and someone ended up showing the pictures to her, months after they were taken.

The poor girl was being ridiculed and laughed at behind her back until then.

She trusted her boss to perform dental work on her, and instead he abused her trust and used it to humiliate her because she tends to talk about raising pot bellied pigs, which apparently they were tired of hearing about if you read between the lines.

Shame on him! And shame on the courts for giving approval for such abhorent behaviour!

He's getting $500,000.00 because he felt his insurance company should uphold the malpractice insurance and because they didn't, he was awarded what amounts to the $250,000.00 he paid to the girl, and the rest can be essencially considered "pain and suffering" money.

When someone is under anesthesia, S/he is extremely vulnerable and whenever a practitioner takes advantage of it, it goes past the point of being a prank and is a violation of that person.

Had he raped her while she was under anesthesia, he would have been arrested, tried, convicted and lost his license. She was vulnerable and could not consent. What he did was wrong. Very, very wrong! If he does stuff like that, what else does he do when his patients are under anesthesia?!

It's evident from him not sharing the photo with her immediately that it was meant to be a secret joke on her between him and the other staff members.

His behaviour is shameful, as is the ruling. Our court system is in shambles and a complete joke, and this is just another proof of that.

8:27 am

 I Resolve
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I don't usually make New Year Resolutions, but I'm making one for 2007!!!

I resolve to open my mail at least 2 times per week!!!!

I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to opening mail. For one I don't go to the mailbox everyday to collect my mail because I get so short of breath and experience fainting spells. Not that it's extremely far: just down a long hallway. But when something is such a huge effort and/or you feel like you are going to faint 10 feet from your apartment door you tend to not do it very often, so I usually collect my mail once very 2 weeks. By the time I get back to my apartment with my mail I'm exhausted so I put the mail on the top of the deep freezer with the intention of opening it, but never do, and the same thing happens the next time I collect my mail.

I just finished opening up literally 6 months worth of telephone, internet and hydro bills, LOL

Now don't get me wrong, I do pay my bills each month!! I just don't pay them based on the bill itself. I do online banking and I guestimate how much I owe at the end of each month when I get my payroll.

So I resolve that it will be easier and faster to open my mail twice a week than to spend 45 minutes wading through 6 months worth of mail and then time to shred the old bills.

What are your resolutions if you have any?

6:37 pm

 The mechanical man
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I saw this on the evening news tonight. A man with a mechanical heart. It's not a pace maker or a heart valve. It's an actual mechancial heart.

The implications of this being successful are huge!

As human beings we're pretty perfect from a biological point of view. Our one failing is that we only have one motor to run it all and if that motor quits on us, we cease to live.

Unfortunately the waiting list far exceeds the available donors, and being on a waiting list doesn't necessarily mean you will be a recipient.

The mechanical heart is only in clinical trials and is only meant to be a short term solution while waiting for a transplant. However, there is strict screening to go through in order to be able to be added to the transplant list, and not everyone meets the critera. Advancing age is a huge factor, and that's when most people develope heart problems, so the person who is 70 and suddenly finds themselves in need of a new heart, they are pretty much out of luck because they are too old. In a way the transplant screening is bias towards to the young(er) population.

The only thing keeping that man in the article "alive" is the mechanical heart inside his body. He is not a candidate for a heart transplant because of his advancing age, so this mechanical heart will be with him until he dies.

Which caused me to wonder how that would work exactly.

We all know that when we are dead our hearts ceases to beat. This man has no palpable pulse or audible heart beat, and no measurable blood pressure, and his heart is dead. The metal pump in his body is doing the work that a heart would do...perfusing blood through the body to the organs and tissues.

So is this man technically dead or is he alive? Technically he's dead: I think... A warm corpse that was resurrected to walk the earth through mechanical means. A "living" zombie.

Apparently this heart will give him up to 10 years more of life, provided that the batteries are changed every 5 to 6 hours! Ten years of having to change a battery every 5 to 6 hours in order to keep blood flowing through the body? That's some committment and task to take on!

I imagine his wife will be taking on some of the responsibility of perhaps waking him up to change the battery or changing it herself. Maybe they will do it in shifts so that they can still sleep in occasionally?

This brings me to yet another quandry!

What if she forgot or decided not to change the battery for him? Would that be murder?

What if he forgot or decided not to? Would that be suicide?

Technically "to murder" is to kill a living person. To commit "suicide" is to take your own life. Now seeing that this guy is technically dead, the courts would have a field day with this case. It's a case of "Is he or isn't he?"

Then there is the whole matter of life insurance. Is he even eligible for life insurance?

I suppose when given deeper consideration, the status of the brain is what is the real measure of life and not the heart: the motor that we were given to run the body. The heart may be the motor, but with out the brain, that spark that starts it and keeps it running, your body (the car) ain't going no where!

We keep people on life support until their brain activity indicates a vegetative state at which time they are diagnosed as "clinically dead", even though their heart is strong and pumping blood through the body because of the machine they are hooked up to. Disconnect them from the machine and heart ceases to beat because there is no brain activity.

This man's brain is alive and well, so given that, technically he is still "alive" based on our definition of "clinically dead" when dealing with a vegetative coma patient.

In 10 years the technology may be there to allow this man to get another pump which would allow him to live even longer without the inconvenience of having to change a battery every 5 hours. If that happens, provided this man's brain continues to function completely, he has the potential to "live forever."

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