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5:27 pm

 Tue 12/02/13
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Decided to try a night shoot for the first time last night.

Packed everything into the car-grabbed the dog and bolted for the door.

Arrived at the shore front within ten minutes.

Opened the rear door-Grabbed the tripod and camera.

Went to mount the camera and noticed the dog was gone.

For over three hour's i hunted for him with no joy.

Tear's in eye's and pain in heart i reported him missing to the police and went home.

I never slept all night-not one wink.

09.30am the postman delivered my new lens which i had be so looking forward to.

Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM

The problem was i had no interest in it.

Sitting moping and around 11.00am the bugger arrived home without a care in the world.

The dirty bugger had been on the randan.

Felt like kicking lumps out of him but assaulted him instead with cuddles.

It felt like my birthday-it really did.

so i never managed to try out the new lens and am sitting here Knackered (tired)

So off to bed i go in a few moment's to catch up on sleep lost.

The lens will just have to wait for another day which hopefully will contain some sunshine....

2:31 am

 Mon 11/02/13
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Still raining down outside, That's two day's solid.

Stuck the old camera on Auto pilot yesterday (easy way to check the light)

It captured an image at an ISO of 3200 and even then it was rubbish.

So no weather here yet for images.

New Lens might arrive today (Hope) but it won't be any good to use until there is a break in the weather as it is intended for BIF.

Need to spend some extra time today to reply to mail and comment's before i get buried under.

So no time like the present..........................

5:10 am

 Sun 10/02/13
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Gee it's pissing down in torrent's outside.

No clicking today unless it is underwater Photography.

Would need an ISO of 1.000.000 to get some light into the murky dull dark sky.

Still got to follow my routine of feeding the old swan though which i will do later as she is wandering about eating grasses at the moment,

Got picked up as a fav artist earlier this morning - My thank's for that to which i will reply later on in the day.

Nice when someone does such - it make's thing's worthwhile knowing that it is not just done for the sake of doing it.

There are some really nice image's posted today - Both photograph's and Render's.

I like looking at the Render's but to be honest i know very little about them which make's it difficult to comment - which i do if i actually like the finished product.

Got to be honest though...

There is also a load of rubbish whereby someone should be honest and try to guide some people (Myself included) in the right direction.

How can people possibly get better at something if they believe dishonest comment's?

But then how can you say nicely that your image suck's.


4:53 pm

 Sat 09/02/13
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Part 2

Being new to this site i spend quite a bit of time browsing on and off learning where all the tab's etc lead to.

I came across a couple of page's which everyone will know or rather should know well.

Top 100 Best Rated & ART CHARTS

I read all the info available in regard's to both these item's and came to the conclusion that they favour those that create Render's.

Renderosity is based on render's yet has chosen to include a photography section which is favoured less than the render section.

In actual fact Photography is up against Render's whereby it cannot possibly win because of the sheer number of render creator's and far less photographer's.

Using the adage that all is fair would be false since it is not.

A seperate chart should be made available for the photographer's whereby both Renders and Photographs are seperated allowing for an even playing field and giving the photographer's a chance in a game that is set against them.

Although i have only been here a short time i have come across Master's in Not only Photography but in Render's also.

Those working on Render's have the little piece of hope and antisipation available to them that they may be No1.

Photographer's DON'T.

Inspiration should be given whenever it can - not taken away.

JUST A THOUGHT FOR TODAY.............................................................................

1:06 pm

 Sat 09/02/13
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Another wet dull day.

Everything seem's to be so slow in all probability because of the weather.

On and of the WWW passes a bit of time but i want to get out and practice.

Managed to get a couple of nice image's in between shower's this afternoon-especially one of the horses which turned out to be a winner ( First past the post so to speak)

Want to try a night shoot to see how it goes but the rain is not allowing it to happen.

I think my image's are improving but i need to go a bit farther with the BIF which i enjoy doing.

New lens due to arrive in a couple of day's - monday or tuesday i hope.

Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM ( Birdie Len's)

An older model but the review's appear to favour it as a good BIF len's s here is hoping.

The only problem that i face with it is that it requires decent light-Which i don't have at this time.

Roll on summer....

Browsing through a lot of image's on the board digging out what appeal's to me and trying to leave a small comment here and there etc but it is slow work.

Needless to say i cannot comment on every image that i like but if i comment etc then i do like either it the image or the artist involved-NO FALSE LIKE'S

Honesty is the best policy-How will people learn if they are lied to?

I would far rather someone say an image is Kerapppp than pretend that they like it just to be nice.

We may not agree since we all view thing's differently-but that is life and photography is about "LIFE"

So here we have these little Blog page's free to use.

The original purpose of Blog's is communication yet people make a post or two and then stop writing ?


Write about your day and share the up's and down's of it.

Even moan about this site-it is your own diary no-one else's,

I am in the middle of moving 138 GB of images from one drive to another to sort them out - so i know what i will be doing for some day's to come,

Many thank's to all those who have posted comment's etc on my small collection of post's - All are greatly appreciated

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