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1:01 am

 sorry for old comment (WARNING: ableism, binarism/cissexism, violence, rape joke & probably racism)
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my old comment on lumo's "Luxury of Hate" was/is so gross and horrible and i'm really sorry.  it's ableist, binarist/cissexist, probably racist, and i threw a rape joke in there just because i thought it was "Edgy" at the time i guess.  and the "real art" remark i made is so snobby.  that was/is all really, really disgusting of me and i'm sorry.

i deleted the comment, but i am pasting it in here to try and be accountable.  i know that deleting it in the first place counts as hiding the evidence, but AFAIK there was no way to put a warning on it as it was.

EDIT: got rid of scare quotes and capitals in the above text that seemed really smug and defensive to me.


*** WARNING: ableism, binarism/cissexism, violence, rape joke and probably racism in text below this ***


by ACS-001 on Oct 14, 2007 12:11:03 am

It's such a perfect expression of emotion, just like "Pacific cruise" only a much darker thing. It's an amazingly accurate representation of that creepily-pleasant burn that real rage can bring, and the look on his/her/its face is perfect. Looks like a crazy kid, someone who's found joy in their madness. Buckets of blood and intestines and spikey dildos would be much less disturbing than what you've brought to the surface here. Real art should make you feel, and this makes me feel a bizarre combination of unease and respectful awe.

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