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6:10 am

 First Equipment arrived
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Foreign Entry. March 3rd, 2260

So, we got the first medical tables delivered yesterday night through a colonial transportation fleet. Its always fun when this travelers arrive here on Mars after their two week journey in cold sleep. The usually feel extremly Dizzy... ;)
Well we got them back up with some cold self-brewed juice ...
Its really getting a matter of urgency to get the lab installed. Simon reported yesterday that some of the outer workers in the mines came back from the mine with some ugly frackles on their arms. Frak that! The last thing we need now is an unidentified infection.
Well, i guess i read the reports correct and we can expect the resurrection pipes by end of this week.

...# Doc Lester, field Medical Supervisor

6:00 am

 The Medical Bay evolves
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The next section in the book is actually ahead... that time the Ship of Greg enters Mars and lands on the plattform outside. Whilst having all parts for the outer scene, i was in need for the inner Station. So i started to build the entire Intereur. The Medical SciFi lab will be the the inner set of the second chapter. I have finished the rooms yet, but still adding equipment...

stay tuned

3:18 am

 Vendeavour progressing ...
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Over time, i was thinking, i would never be able to start my story coming alive. However, i finally figured out, how to get my imagination and dreams into the 3D content i needed. Vendeavour is becoming reality.

I had written this book two years ago, ending up 400 pages, but still unsatisfied cause i couldnt get that reality in it, that i had in mind. So, making a 3D comic out of it was the next step i thought. I did not realize how combersome this would be! Really struggeling finding the right parts or compiling the right bits and pieces, i was nearly about giving up. Luckely i didnt in the end.

THe first four pages are ready, and i will soon publish it here and on my website. Also, all parts assembled by myself will be turned into Poser content and avaliable here for purchase.
the Apartment 2260 is the first portion ....

More soon

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