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11:38 am

 First pirated copy of my work...
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Well, I had a good laugh this morning...

I decided to take a look at the gallery via vendor credit, and did a search for any art that used any of my products as I had never done this before...

There are quite a few nice pieces of art that used my work, and it's really flattering. So thanks to everyone who used my work...

Then I stumbled across an image using my texture expansion Dainty Delight for Cute Elves (which is no longer available) in which there is no record of the sale ever being made by the author of the image. First time for everything I suppose... lol


I never thought that I would see any of my work being shared, or pirated, or whatever the term is. What a riot! lol


12:24 pm

 Colour shifting blues...
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Ok, I'm not normally one to complain... and Rendo has been really good to me over the last year... but since they introduced the new 'Quality Assurance' system into their 'pre-testing' sequence, I have to wonder if it even works.

Sure there's tons of amazing products in the marketplace. But what about those products that 'could be'... no, 'should be' top notch?

I won't get into specifics, but it really burns my arse to see a so called 'top seller' submitting products, where all they've done is create one or two sets of textures, and then just RECOLOUR or COLOURSHIFT it another 4 to 5 times and call it a complete pack.

How is it that these 'top sellers' are even allowed to submit such nonsense? They should be UTTERLY ASHAMED of themselves. As should the QA team that allows these things by. Had this been someone not sitting so high up on the 'vendor popularity contest scale' the product would have failed. Guaranteed.

I myself am a texture artist. Sure, I'm not sitting on the totem. I doubt I ever will if this is what it takes to become one of those top sellers. Regardless. I work hard in creating UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, NO TWO THE SAME, textures when I create a pack. Heck, I even go as far as avoiding using the same textures or using the same styles OVER and OVER and OVER, unlike the 'COLOUR SHIFTER'.

Am I bitter about it. Darned right I am. I see a lot of very amazingly talented people work very hard to make really amazing products, and one top vendor, in particular, CHEATS their customer base with each new set they produce; HALF ASSED just to get their product out sooner.


I know I will probably never hear the end of this blog post. But, like the saying goes 'the truth hurts.' Or as I prefer 'Ship up; or ship out.'

Oh, and freedom of speech, especially when it's the truth, reigns.

Try me...

11:04 pm

 Got Freebies?
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While visiting the 'What's New' section, and seeing a gorgeous new character by one of my favourite artists, who, thankfully, listed their promo credits I was able to add two new favourite freebie creators to my list. (Ok, so I didn't have one before now...)

Regardless.. They have some pretty amazing stuff.. and FREE!! Whoa!


Well worth a visit!


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