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6:33 pm

 Today's Pet Peeve
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When people steal your products through file sharing or warez, and then have the NERVE to contact you when they're too stupid to know how to use it, believe it's not working, and want you to fix it for them.



1:19 pm

 I believe in Karma . . .
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And even if I didn't . . . I still believe in doing what is right.

For those that don't know me, I am a faithful Curves woman.  :-)  I go three times a week, every week.  Today was no exception.

As I was driving down my road heading home I can see in the distance, one of the elderly folks that live on my road parked at the end of his driveway.  Now to put things into perspective, this gentleman can often be found driving down his driveway *just* to check his mail box.  He is quite elderly, and does not move very quickly . . . so if you see his red van at the end of his drive way . . . you had better slow to a crawl, as he could be stepping out onto the road at any moment.

Anyway . . . it's Wednesday here, and that means trash day.  As I approach, I see why, today, he is at the end of his drive way.  The blasted crows have gotten to his trash before the trash men arrived, and there was trash all over his front yard . . . he is very slow on his feet, and today, of all days, is quite windy.

Without even thinking twice about it . . . I stopped.

I offered to help pick up the mess, and started without hesitation.  I would have to say that about 10 cars drove passed us while I was there, not to mention all the people that drove passed before I had even arrived.  People without care, or even second thought are shameless, and selfish.  How can anyone survive as a 'decent' human being with rudeness, and uncaring as part of their lives?  What if it had been 'your' father?

Anyway, as we were picking up the trash, this gentleman kept repeating one or two words that I could not make out.  So I asked if he spoke French, (I live in a strong French community), or English... I couldn't make out his response so I continued to talk to him in both French and English (yes I am bilingual).  The whole time, every few minutes, he would say something like 'crew', or 'e crew', to that effect... I am guessing now that maybe he meant 'crows', but only he knows for sure.  :-)

Once I had finished cleaning up, I put a hand on his shoulder and wished him a good day.  That is when I understood something he had to say.  As I walked away, he said 'Thank you' . . . and I smiled the rest of the way home, fingers black as coal, with my hands on my BMW's leather steering wheel . . . it was well worth it . . . and I would do it again, 'without even thinking twice about it.'


2:19 pm

 They demand... I laugh.
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For those of you that have been following my work, you know just how much there is to my packages.  My 'Ultimate Mix n Match' has been something I pride myself in being able to bring to you... Tons of mat poses, tons of styling fun, tons of personality.  It's not uncommon for my packs to have over 1000 mat poses.  Actually, it's quite rare that they go below that... I have even gone as far as creating packs that have close to 4500 mat poses.  Giving "Ultimate" control over any look.  It's what I do... It's what I have been doing for a very long time... it's what I will continue to do, no matter what, because I love doing it.  Nothing more.

However, one thing that really annoys me, is the act of 'attempting to control'.  Attempt at control from any third party.  Attempt to control by generosity, attempt to control with demands, attempt to control by intimidation....  These things are, actually, quite  moot with me, as they have absolutely no significance to me what-so-ever...  BUT when these things spill out to other people I know, and care about... I tend to speak.

I can't understand the idiocy behind making demands to be original, with original ideas, but hold the belief of being above these same demands.  It's quite ludicrous actually.  When being 'ordered' to do something one way, one would expect a 'follow of suit', not a 360 into nearly exact imitation.  How pathetic is that, really?  Honestly... one can only laugh at the foolishness of it all...maybe even borderline childishness.

Not many things in this world today are original ideas.  Especially in the digital world.  Every idea, in the real world,  has to come from some other sort of idea, in some form... It is the natural evolution of progress...

Yet, in this digital world, to believe that any one person has the right to set restrictions of creativity on any other person and then in turn cross over the same restrictions they themselves originally imposed, makes them a rather sad and pathetic sort.

I am NOT going anywhere.
I will NOT be oppressed.
I will NOT be intimidated.
I will NOT be restricted.
I will NOT be silenced.

. . . try me

“Competition is easier to accept if you realize it is not an act of oppression or abrasion . . . " ~Diane Sawyer


8:28 pm

 This Is The Most Beautiful Commercial I Have Ever Seen
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Received this in an email, from my sister, today, and thought I would pass it along.
You might find you end up watching it more then once as it sinks in..

This Is The Most Beautiful Commercial I Have Ever Seen


3:03 am

 Ahh Country life at it's best....
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Yes, it's late, or early (4am here).. but let me get to my little story . . .

Hubby and I were heading to bed at about 2AM when we heard quite a crash on our deck in the back yard. I looked over at him and said, rhetorically, 'What the heck was that?!' and he gave me a crooked look as to say 'Not the foggiest idea!'

We both got up to look out the back window. Now remember it's dark - we're in the country - AND we have a pretty big deck back there, so it's tough to see.

Anyway, it looked as though our BBQ had simply fallen over. Or, had it? That's when we saw him / her. About 200lbs of 'Pure Canadian Black Bear'.

YIKES! Was my first thought (along with a few other choice words) and I quickly grabbed the HD Camcorder I had JUST bought the week before, for an early Father's Day gift, and ran to the back door (only to shoot through the window of course).

Darkness, and dusty country windows do not mix, but we did manage to get a little footage. Quite eerie, amazing, and beautiful all at the same time.

I am still sitting here at 4AM debating going out there to stand the BBQ back up, but with my luck, I would be just reaching for the thing when there would be grunting heard at the bottom of the steps to the yard . . . and I would more then likely crap myself. LOL!!

Would I ever trade it for city life?
Never. Not on your life! :-)


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