Miss Renderosity Pageant: Round 2

July 28, 2014 9:29 am

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Miss Renderosity Pageant :: Round 2 Ball Gown Category

Renderosity would like to thank all of those who have taken the time to submit their Round 1 entry to this year's Miss Renderosity Pageant. With voting for Round 1's Swimsuit category now complete and winners announced. - we're moving along to Round 2's Ball Gown Category.

Those selected to move through to Round 2 must have their entry in by Sunday, August 10th. Community voting will begin on Monday, August 11th. Those that make it through the Ball Gown portion will compete for the crown in the final Talent portion of the event.

Along with receiving some great prizes, this year's winner will reign throughout 2015 and be featured throughout the site and in various newsletters, spotlights, etc.

CLICK HERE to visit the official Round 2 Contest Page for more information.

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Round 1 :: Swimsuit Competition - Winners Announced!

Click Here to see who has been voted to move on to Round 2.

Round 2 :: Ball Gown

Entry Period: July 29th - August 10th. For those that have been selected to move on from Round 1.
Community Voting: August 11th - August 22nd.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners from Round 2 will be announced August 25th and move onto our Final Round.

Round 3 :: Talent

Entry Period: August 25th - September 8th.
Community Voting: September 9th - September 21st.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 24th.

Winners will receive...

Grand Prize: POSER PRO 2014 | $500 Cash Prize | Miss Renderosity Winner Plaque

Second Place: 12-month Prime Membership | $200 MarketPlace Gift Certificate

Third Place: $100 MarketPlace Gift Certificate

Fourth Place: $50 Renderosity Gift Certificate

Article Comments

BronzeDragon2001 ( posted at 4:39PM Tue, 29 July 2014

Congrats to those of you that were selected and able to move on. Why were the names of the entrants withheld for the first stage, but shown now. I thought it was to be anonymous so that friends didn't vote for friends., but based on likes and quality Kinda makes it unfair now doesn't it? I would like to see the actual number of votes given to each entry, most particularly my own, so I can see how I actually did. So maybe I can see how badly I got whooped. Wouldn't mind so much if was close.

akawidow ( posted at 6:27PM Tue, 29 July 2014

awesome contest

mikeerson ( posted at 7:37PM Tue, 29 July 2014

WOW... 95 images picked to go on... out of 317. I don't know which is more shocking that you picked 95 images or that one third of the entrees go on. I was excited to see you put this contest together, The first Miss Renderosity Pageant... I was inspired. the Contest had mystery... Like are you going to take ONE entry from each country? - I didn't know how that was going to play into it. I posted on the last hour, so I felt way too many things were against me. There were so many entrees from usa, so I almost didn't enter. Looking at the entrees you've chosen I see two usa, two Poland before getting into the teen numbers - so obviously, it's not about country representation. I would like to see Renderosity take this idea of Miss Renderosity to a HIGHER LEVEL next year. In all your contests, you don't want the Artist putting their name ANYWHERE in the entree and NO VOTE BEGGING.... HERE IS AN IDEA... NEXT YEAR (please think about it) Instead of stating which COUNTRY you are from, why not WHICH ARTIST it's from? Here is my suggestion. Renderosity should supply models to work from... 1. a stage, background included that must be used in the upload. 2. a SASH... each artist has to put THEIR ARTIST NAME on it - and has to be in the upload in the swim suit and gown - they don't have to be wearing it, but it has to be in the scene. 3. All thumbnails should be "head shots" of the model... (I was the only one in the contest that used words - I thought I had a huge advantage.... I didn't make the cut) 4. It would be so cool if we could have "art wars" instead of single voting... I would like to have a voting link set up to wHere 2 random pictures go on screen and you pick which one you like better - and it would be so cool if every time one picture got picked, it got a point and the loser got a negative point... the stats, points kept totaling and when the contest time ran out, the one with the most points would be in first place.... AND... when you got to this link, this page, the top 3 images in first would be shown "live" so ALL ARTISTS on the site would know what the community is craving... today I found out that out of 317 images mine is not in the top 95...disappointing... I would of liked to have known where my image ranks - I could write you a book of more ideas, but it's time to move on. Miss Denver says congrats to the 95 entees that were chosen to advance on to the next round, she really didn't think she could compete with the younger models, but I think she looked hot... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

DeepRed ( posted at 8:44PM Tue, 29 July 2014

Ah well, my image ended up not making it to Round 2. Can I put it up on my gallery now?

WolaverJS ( posted at 9:25PM Tue, 29 July 2014

Please explain what the 50MB file in the submission form is for?

EpiEndless ( posted at 6:18AM Wed, 30 July 2014

Given that the round 1 winners' names have been announced, and that they have to use the same model in round 2, I assume the "All entries will remain anonymous" rule is blown out of the water for round 2?

TinaK ( posted at 8:28AM Wed, 30 July 2014

The contest piece of our site is for all contest which sometimes includes Animation so that is why the 50 MB file is in place but it doesn't pertain to this contest.

PAnn ( posted at 9:10AM Wed, 30 July 2014

Congratulations to the winners but now that we know who the artists are, it changes the dynamics of round 2 and how the voting carries on from here.

melchiorinos ( posted at 11:34AM Wed, 30 July 2014

Congrats for all who have gone to round 2 . For all who don't make it ( like me ) don't be upset , it was fun :)

BronzeDragon2001 ( posted at 12:24PM Wed, 30 July 2014

Yes, it was fun, disappointed that my entry didn't move on, but yeah it was fun. I even had a very good start on a round 2 entry, just in case, you know. That said, and as asked above, can we that did not get into round 2, use our images as we like? Oh, and I'd like an answer to the questions posed in my first post about seeing the actual votes.

TinaK ( posted at 12:42PM Wed, 30 July 2014

Yes of course if you did not make it into Round 2 you are free to use your image where you choose. For anyone that did not make it to Round 2 I want you to know there were some really good images from everyone but we do have to follow our voting system. We do appreciate everyone's participation and hope you will continue to support the others during Round 2. And there are other contest just around the corner. Halloween/Holiday

Tigerste ( posted at 1:26PM Wed, 30 July 2014

TinaK I have sent you a site mail and not yet had a response...it may come across as bitter since I didn't make it through to the second round, but I do not think the voting system used is fair, particularly when there are so many entries.

Tigerste ( posted at 1:30PM Wed, 30 July 2014

I also don't think its fair for entrants to vote at all, regardless of the anonymity of the first round - this is of particular issue now that the quarter-finalists have been identified.

Faerydae ( posted at 1:47PM Wed, 30 July 2014

I know we have to use the same character for the 2nd round, but can we change the hair?

TinaK ( posted at 2:56PM Wed, 30 July 2014

yes you are welcome to change the hair.

jiyu ( posted at 8:30PM Wed, 30 July 2014


RodS ( posted at 12:17PM Thu, 31 July 2014

Not to sound like a sore loser or anything, but I thought the theme was supposed to be "Sexy, Sophisticated, Talented.." There are some lovely entries that made it to round 2, but there are a few that don't really fit the definition of "sexy" IMHO. Just sayin'.... Congrats to all who made it, and good luck on round 2! It was fun!

wolfesbain ( posted at 2:03PM Thu, 31 July 2014

I agree with Bronze Dragon. It would be interesting to see how the voting numbers looked. That said, I am grateful to be moving to round two. Good luck to everyone!

mrestey ( posted at 4:00PM Thu, 31 July 2014

I second Rods. I had never entered a 3D art contest before this one and I now understand the many complaints people made about member voting. There are MANY images that far surpassed a number of those that made it to the top 95. It is obvious to me that there were many that got votes due to politics, friends and family. This is the last contest I will enter that has no way to control the politics. I don't know the answer but I do know this voting system does not work objectively or fairly. There is no point to entering a contest when the artwork is judged on one's political views and number of friends one can get to support your image. The way I see this contest headed, I hope Renderosity is happy with the winning "girl" because they are going to have her representing them for a year.

tchadensis ( posted at 5:16PM Thu, 31 July 2014

Vote numbers please?

mikeerson ( posted at 9:38PM Thu, 31 July 2014

Disappointed my entry didn't make it, but I tried to slip "Jessie" into the contest...not a chance against the "Vicky" models (lol) . - I knew that, but I was pleased with how she turned out... my hands were tied though... my computer (I'm on an old computer) needs to go into the shop and that is what I would of used the $500 for - lol.... I'm disappointed that I also wrote a few things to go on this page and they weren't posted - It wasn't negative, so I'm a little shocked it didn't post... I think we all would like to see this "voting system" and where we landed in it ... I have a few friends that have already posted their images in their gallery and I'm shocked that their entrees didn't make it - very shocked... but it's life... not everything goes to plan. GOOD LUCK to the second rounders - I hope we see some super duper images... I can't wait to see who becomes MISS RENDEROSITY!!!

carrara_pat ( posted at 9:40PM Thu, 31 July 2014

Congrats to the winners of round 1. I thought I saw that we would get a $5 gift certificate for being included in round 1?

BronzeDragon2001 ( posted at 9:51PM Thu, 31 July 2014

Congrats Wolfesbain on moving on up. Glad you commented on my post, thought I might be the only one interested. Come on TinaK - lets hear what you have to say on the question at hand!

mikeerson ( posted at 4:11AM Fri, 01 August 2014

August 1st.... Just looked at round 2's 25 entrees... I don't see any of them with a big "teethy" smile - that's what I think of when you see a "gown Pageant"... So, the 70 of you that are still out there, Please give us that "smile"... Now that I'm not a contestant, that's what I'm basing a lot of my vote on... THE SMILE is one of the hardest things to pull off on a poser... Who can do it??? I'm watch'n - lol AND... When we look at round 2, HOW COME THERE IS NOT A LINK to their round one image??? some of these faces I totally don't recall in round 1.... it would even be better if their round 1 image was viewed right under the round 2 image.... Not being negative, just try'n to help make suggestions to make this "Miss Renderosity" the best it can be.

RAGraphicDesign ( posted at 7:57AM Fri, 01 August 2014

I made ​​a little collage of all revenue of the first round: for me 45 of the more than 300 participants were of interest and render quality. Of the ideally 45 chosen by me only 27 are passed to the second round. In some previous comment, someone had expressed the wish that inside the next "Contests" you observe the different job with different criteria (composition, taste, render, etc. ..). Of the various render, one in particular struck me: I am so glad to see him move on to the second round but even more surprised to see him in the middle of the list and not at the beginning. I can understand the disappointment of some. I am ready, however, to vote for the second round.

Giffy01 ( posted at 11:12AM Fri, 01 August 2014

Congratulations to the winners. It is a wonderful contest!

WolaverJS ( posted at 8:47AM Sat, 02 August 2014

@mikeerson, check again; there was at least one good smile the first day.

WolaverJS ( posted at 9:01AM Sat, 02 August 2014

A link to connect the round one entry might correct an error committed early in round two. Several entries were identified by artist for the first two days and no artist after the first nine has even briefly been tagged by name. Whether this variation has any effect on final voting or not will be hard to say. Putting in a connection like mikeerson suggested would give everyone the same benefit/burden and would also bring "sunshine" into the contest - voters could assure themselves they were getting one model with no illegal modifications (hair style, hair color, nails and makeup being legal, of course).

BronzeDragon2001 ( posted at 10:44AM Sat, 02 August 2014

wolfesbain, bentbobb, mikeerson, thanks for supporting the idea of seeing the votes. I posted once before to this effect but it didn't show up. It wasn't negative either just a specific request to Tina to see the votes. Censorship doesn't look good in supposed open competition. The idea for a link to first round is a very good idea! I was also surprised in some of the entries that were selected to move on. Some were not very good quality and hardly suitable for advertising purposes. As far as suggestions go I'd like to see a comment area for each entry so I could tell people why I did or didn't like an entry. Might go a ways in improving the entries in future contests.

jamminwolf ( posted at 11:05AM Sat, 02 August 2014

RodS quote: but there are a few that don't really fit the definition of "sexy" IMHO. Just sayin'.... I agree, there are some really lousy renders (no shadows, ugly specular) and a very ugly fat girl that made it, yet my render didn't? I don't mind that I didn't make it, but come on, against these ugly ones??? really??? Here's what I entered http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2553548