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December 15, 2006 12:00 am

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  • Vue Fusion Streamlines Vue Integration!

  • Post-Work Lighting Tutorial
    This tutorial focuses on relatively simple techniques that will serve to dramatically improve the lighting in many of your scenes. Suitable for: 2D Graphics, 3DS MAX, AMAPI 3D, Bryce, Carrara / Raydream, Cinema 4D, JASC Paint Shop Pro, LightWave, Maya, Poser, Rhino 3D, Strata 3D, TrueSpace, Wings 3D, Z Brush.

  • Spotlight on Alex and Igor, World Builder makers
    March 26th - 30th, Alex Tsaregorodtsev and Igor Borovikov from World Builder are our guest on the spotlight. World Builder is the only standalone 3D landscape tool that can work as a plug-in for 3D Studio MAX, 3D Studio VIZ, LightWave 3D or Maya NT projects. Here are two of the creators.. what questions do you have?

  • Vote For August 2004's Artist of the Month!
    Cast your vote for your favorite Gallery Artist of the Month for August 2004! This month we highlight Maya and TrueSpace. The winner will be interviewed and highlighted on the front page for the month of August.

  • Alias' Maya 7 - BlendShape Deformer
    Last week Sergio gave you the inside scoop on Alias Maya 7 and its Full Body IK system. This week he delves into Maya 7 and the updates to Mayas BlendShape deformer, explaining how this powerful deformer is an impressive way to make new morphs for your characters.

  • Tech Views - Alias' Maya 7
    During the SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference, Tech Views' Eric Post, caught up with Alias CEO and President, Doug Walker, who was very excited to announce the release of the much anticipated Alias' Maya 7. Read why Doug feels this is the biggest feature release that Maya has ever published.

  • Animation Alley:
    Maya 7 Render Layers

    "Rendering in layers can bring you many benefits that sometimes are overlooked..." Join Sergio, as he explains how you can use Maya's render layers to full effect, making for easier work, and possibly even cutting your render time!

  • Digital-Tutors Displays New Training Solutions
    Digital-Tutors Displays New Training Solutions

  • Introducing Renderosity Communities!
    Learn about our new "Communities" section, including what's launching and what's coming down the road...

  • Working with Geometry Cache in Maya 8
    "In my Maya 8 review, I mentioned that one of the new features in this release is the capability to create Geometry Caches for your animated models. What the Geometry Cache does is bake all the deformers and animation onto a cache. The animation is then read from the hard disk instead of being calculated for each frame."(Contains artistic nudity)

  • cgMuscle System
    Check it out as Sergio gives you a closer look at this exciting new Maya plug-in. See if it is just what you need to put the 'muscle' in your work!

  • Create Breathtaking 3D With Maya 8
    "Autodesk finished the acquisition of Alias in January 2006. Since then, there had been questioning on whether or not Autodesk would continue developing Maya. This SIGGRAPH, Autodesk answered that question by unveiling Maya 8 3D software. Maya 8 comes packed with some nice new features, and a special gift for 64 bit PC users."

  • Vote For February 2003's Artist Of The Month
    Cast your vote for February's Artist of the Month!

  • 10,000 Free Stuff Items!
    Our community has achieved another major accomplishment. We now have 10,000 Free Stuff Items available at Renderosity! Come join in the fun!

  • Get Your "Body In Motion" with Maya 7
    Recently released, Alias Maya 7, is considered by many to be one of the most remarkable releases to date, with exciting updates to the existing tools and improvements to its functionality. Find out why Sergio feels that the most important additions to the software is the ability to use MotionBuilder's Full Body IK system.

  • Doublecrash - August 2004 AOM!
    Congratulations to Doublecrash for winning the AOM. Read on for our interview with Doublecrash...

  • July 2005 MOM - Shahara
    Congratulations to Shahara for being Renderosity's MOM [Merchant Of the Month] for July, 2005. We invite you to read his interview ...

  • Julian_J -- February '03 Artist Of The Month!
    Congratulations to Julian_J, February's Artist of the Month! Click here to read his interview...

  • Modeling With T-Splines
    This week, join Sergio, as he reviews T-Splines, a plug-in for Maya. T-Splines is a brand new modeling system that tries to marry the best of the Polygons and NURBS worlds to create a very versatile system that promises to make the modeler's life easier.

  • Animation Alley - Real-Time Spray-Paint Simulation In Maya
    Our Animation Alley guru, nemirc [Sergio Rosa], takes you on a fascinating journey through a Real-Time Spray-Paint Simulation in Maya. Join nemirc as he discovers the hidden secrets to the Visual Special Effects (VFX) within the Tom Cruise movie The Minority Report.

  • The SIGGRAPH Showfloor
    "The SIGGRAPH showfloor opens on the third day of the event. This is the place where companies and studios gather to present their products, services and courses."

  • Digital Element Displays Complete Product Line
    Digital Element Displays WorldBuilder Professional 4.1 and Verdent Plant Mechanic

  • Alias Press Releases Siggraph 2005
    -Alias Learning Tools Only a Free Download Away for Maya Silver Members -Alias MotionBuilder 7 Tackles High-Volume, Demanding Animation -Maya 7 Continues Alias' Tradition of 3D Innovation

  • CrazyTalk 4.5 Review
    A few months ago Reallusion released version 4.5 of CrazyTalk. If you attended SIGGRAPH you may have had the chance to play with it, but if you didn't and you are a CrazyTalk fan, this article might interest you. If you don't know what CrazyTalk is, you may also read on so you know more about it.

  • Animation Alley:
    Camera tracking with Moujou

    Besides animation, one of my biggest interests is filmmaking. Being so passionate about the computer animation field, I am always looking for new things to do and new techniques to explore. These last months I grew very keen to make a movie that would combine live action footage and computer generated elements.

  • In Vegas
    Finally, the long awaited third and final excerpt from Issue 4 of the Renderosity Magazine, "In Vegas" by stealthman! Find out what tricks he had up his sleeve as he worked his way through this Vegas image using Maya and Photoshop.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Gnomon Workshop's Head Sculpting and Texturing
    Once more Paula Sanders reviews another of Gnomon Workshop's classrooms on DVDs. This week Paula reviews Head Sculpting and Texturing - ZBrush Techniques with Alex Alvarez, founder and director of the Gnomon Workshop of Visual Effects.

  • Baba Jaga Maya-Style
    Our 3rd and final Issue 3 Magazine excerpt is doker13's overview of some advanced polygon modeling and texturing techniques for Maya 4.0...

  • Animation Alley - Shade 7 Professional, Reviewed
    Shade 7 Professional is a 3D design tool brought to you by the people of Curious Labs. After spending some time getting hands-on experience with this program, nemirc, gives us his thoughts about the package from the standpoint of a Maya animator and Poser 4 user.

  • Arena Players
    Arena Players

  • April's Featured Contributor - hmann
    Congratulations to hmann. He has created some hot products in The MarketPlace at Renderosity. hmann's interview can be read by clicking on the article title.

  • December 2006 AOM Laurent Antoine [lemog]
    Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... December's AOM is Laurent Antoine [lemog], for his work in the Maya Gallery.

  • Living In Three Dimensions
    [Interview with Meats Meier]

    "Ever wondered how it feels to be a professional 3D artist? We got the answer first-hand from one of the leading 3D artists in the world!"

  • Vote for December AOM
    Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... December's AOM will be an artist from those galleries not previously listed.

  • Latest Industry News
    A summary of all the latest news from around the industry.

  • T-Splines and Matt Sederberg
    Matt's father, Computer Science professor Tom Sederberg, perfected the T-splines formulas over two decades ago. Now, Matt Sederberg, CEO at the age of twenty-four, introduces T-Splines a new and innovative company bringing the future of 3D modeling to a new level, by supplying an innovative tool for CG artists.

  • February 2006 MOM As Shanim Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim)
    Congratulations to As Shanim for being Renderosity's MOM [Merchant Of the Month] for February, 2006. We invite you to read their MOM interview...

  • Renderosity Reaches 1 Million Gallery Images
    Renderosity Art Community Reaches 1 Million Gallery Images

  • Nick's Notes:
    Concrete Pictures Brings CG to Discovery Channel [Interview with Creative Director Matt Hall]

    Television programming has become more exciting, and computer graphics have surely come to play a big part. Many times the promotional trailers and end tags can be just as entertaining as the programming itself. This is certainly true of two recent series on Discovery Channel, "Deadliest Catch" and "I shouldn't Be Alive."

  • The 4th Annual Renderosity Holiday Contest 2004
    Thanks to many generous sponsors incredible presents are piling up for artists and animators in our largest holiday contest ever! Come join the fun and excitement as we share our "Dreams of Peace" with the planet. All the winners have all been announced! Thank you to all the artists that shared their "Dreams of Peace".

  • The Roller Derby Lives On
    "Mark Woollen's documentary "Jam" captures the fading world of the Roller Derby. Greg Brotherton, Art Director for the film, talks about the process of designing the movie poster, and about the visual effects his team created for the film."

  • Darkling Simulations DarkTree 2.5
    Guest columnist Alexander Polsky [crocodilian], reviews Darkling Simulations' DarkTree 2.5; which is a node-based procedural texture editing, rendering and management application. DarkTree 2.5 offers a great interface, portability across applications, with some clever innovations, making it a powerful way to save and reuse textures.

  • SIGGRAPH 2005 Revisited
    If you were unable to visit the SIGGRAPH this year, take a virtual tour of the conference via the amazing photographs from contributing photojournalist, Kirk Dunne [AgentSmith]. Also, revisit SIGGRAPH 2005 conference; articles, interviews, and Industry news.

  • June 2006 MOM pretty3d
    Congratulations to pretty3d for being Renderosity's MOM [Merchant Of the Month] for June, 2006. We invite you to read his MOM interview...

  • Taking the Fright out of Animating Monster House
    "Halloween came early this year with the release of hit CG animated film Monster House from Columbia Pictures. Now out on DVD in time to spook trick or treaters anew, this movie engages its audience with a scary, funny, sad tale of three kids who must battle a living, breathing ramshackle house determined to eat everything that comes within its reach."

  • winnston1984 March '05 Merchant of the Month!
    Congratulations to winnston1984, for being the March '05 Merchant Of The Month!

  • "Animation Celebration" Grand Opening Contest
    Nashville, TN - July 22, 2004 - "Animation Celebration" at Renderosity Art Community

    Digital Matte Painting by Lance Powell

    "Dont let the title mislead you. This awesome motion picture from Universal Studios is anything but serene. In 2002, Joss Whedon along with Loni Peristere from Zoic Studios collaborated to create an exciting action thrilled adventure that allowed the loyal fans of the television series Firefly to follow further adventures of the crew of Serenity."

  • face_off January '05 Merchant of the Month!
    Congratulations to face_off, for being the January '05 Merchant Of The Month!

  • The Five-Minute Ghost Pumpkin!
    Just in time for your spooky Halloween renderings Sergio, brings you a short and sweet five-minute tutorial on creating a pumpkin from scratch, and then, with a little magic, he shows you how to zap it into a ghost. Join our very own Harry Potter, as he shows you how to create a head for your headless horseman!

  • Softimage Siggraph 2005 Press Releases
    -Softimage to Support AGEIA Physics Simulation -Avid Previews Groundbreaking Facial Animation Technology: SOFTIMAGE|FACE ROBOT -Avid Unveils SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0

  • danae - September '03 Merchant of the Month
    Congratulations to danae, for being the September '03 Merchant Of The Month!

  • June's Artist of the Month - SkoolDaze
    I used to paint, draw and doodle as a child and was set to go to school for commercial art when I became a teenager, but life had a very different plan for me (as it so often does) and so it took almost 25 years before I started doing art again.

  • Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - Stonemason
    Each month we showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Stefan Morrell, better known to his Renderosity fellow artists as Stonemason.

  • When Paint Attacks - The Making Of A Movie
    In space, the simplest things can kill you the movie tag line sets the stage for the Sci Fi adventure A Can Of Paint [screenplay adapted from a short story by A.E. van Vogt]. Guest columnist, Darlisa Riggs, gives us a behind the scenes look into how Maxons CINEMA 4D created the films visual magic!

  • iClone, You Clone
    Want to create your own digital identity? Find out what Reallusion's iClone can do for you! Read on as Sergio shows just how easily you too can create and animate your own digital identity.

  • As07 -- May 2003's Artist Of The Month!
    Congratulations to as07 for being voted May's Artist of the Month! Click here to read the interview...

  • Graphic Tales from the Road: An Interview with Rudy Sarzo
    The journey continues as with another Graphic Tale from the Road as we explore the "Dual Expression of the Creative Mind" with infamous bass player: Rudy Sarzo! who has played with Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and is now a member of the multi-platinum Heavy Metal group DIO...

  • Piratas en el Callao [Pirates in Callao]
    Recently Peru released Piratas en el Callao [Pirates in Callao] adapted from a children's book of the same name Piratas is considered to be the first Latin-American 3D movie. Sergio took time out from his Animation Alley duties, to review Piratas for you ...

  • Real-time Filmmaking with iClone 1.5
    "Earlier this year I wrote an article about a real-time animation software that promised to revolutionize the way animation was made. The name of that software was iClone. See what has developed and what's to come...

  • avidflame - May 2004 AOM!
    Congratulations to avidflame for being voted May's Artist of the Month! Read on for our interview with avidflame...

  • avidflame - May 2004 AOM!
    Congratulations to avidflame for being voted May's Artist of the Month! Read on for our interview with avidflame...

  • Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim) - Merchant Of the Year - 2005
    Congratulations to As Shanim for being awarded Renderosity's Merchant Of the Year [MOY] for 2005. We invite you to post your congratulations and to read As Shanim's interview ...

  • Inside Second Life
    The Spotlight on Second Life is now closed. Thank you to Stephen B. Lewis from Linden Lab for joining us as we got to know more about the cool new ways to play with Poser within the realms of a dynamic, new, virual world.

  • SoftImage XSI - A Quick Look
    Renderosity forum moderator, artist, and cartoonist, Teyon [Teyon Alexander], reviews, and previews, SoftImage XSI versions 4 and 5. Giving you a look at the program from a Pro's point of view.

  • Making Money WIth Your Art - Certified Medical Illustrator
    There is a growing trend in the world of CG illustrators toward Medical Illustrations. Renderosity's Sr. Tech Editor/Staff Writer, Eric Post went right to the source, asking Certified Medical Illustrator, Marcia Hartsock, for her insights on Making Money With Your Art as a Certified Medical Illustrator ...

  • Lahl - September 2004 AOM!
    Congratulations to Lahl for being voted September's Artist of the Month! Read on for our interview with Lahl...

  • Night Feeders
    "A meteor plummets to Earth in the remote southern wilderness..."Read on, as Will gives us the inside scoop on the use of Cinema 4D, and a created plug-in, for the film Night Feeders, through this insightful interview with plug-in developer Daniel "Cactus Dan" Libisch, and Synthetic Fur Productions president, Tony Elwood.

  • Tech Views: Zygote Bio-Medical Modeling
    Eric explores the exciting advancements in the realm of Medical Models with Bryan Brandenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the Zygote Media Group. Learn what the future holds for the emerging technical advancements in medicine and computer generated art.

  • Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim) January '04 Merchant of the Month
    Congratulations to As Shanim, for being the January'04 Merchant Of The Month!

  • June AOM Voting!
    It's that time again... Come cast your vote for Renderosity's June Artist of the Month!

  • Digital Elements Inc. - WorldBuilder 4
    Renderosity WorldBuilder Forum Moderator and artist, Alfons [Alfons Blom], reviews Digital Elements Inc.s WorldBuilder 4. Giving you a look at the program from a WorldBuider's Pro's point of view.

  • SoftImage XSI Master Artist - Kolby Jukes
    Renderosity SOFTIMAGE XSI Moderator and guest columnist Teyon Alexander [Teyon] introduces the first in a series of interviews with XSI artists. Starting this month with Master CG Artist and Industry Game Illustrator Kolby Jukes.

  • Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Aaron Sims
    Alex reviews Gnomon Workshop's classrooms on DVDs ... Creature Design with Aaron Sims - Volume 2: Designing with Photoshop, XSI and Deep Paint; where Aaron Sims illustrates the process of designing a full character in a 3D environment.

  • Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - jenay [Joe Kurz]
    We continue our monthly series of Getting To Know Renderosity's Free Stuff Artists. This month's featured Free Stuff Contributor is Joe Kurz, who is better known on Renderosity as jenay.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Review - Maxon BodyPaint 3D Release 2.5
    Paula Sanders Report: This week Paula reviews Maxon's amazing Bodypaint 3D Release 2.5. Check out the new features in this release, with UV tools that could increase your workflow. product review by Paula Sanders - Sr. Staff Writer

  • V12: Basketball Goes Uber-3D
    In the production of commercials and other types of advertising, there are often short deadlines to meet especially when a client makes a change at the last moment. In order to compete, companies must be fast on their feet. See how one small company has turned on the heat.

  • Reallusion's Crazy Talk 4
    "Do you have a bitmap on E-bay that you would like to have talk to the customers? Do you have a friendly face on your website that has a message to share? Perhaps a special e-mail celebration or greeting card? Whatever your message, and however you want to electronically deliver it, CrazyTalk is there for you!"

  • Ballistic Publishing's Expos4
    "Expos4 published by Ballistic Publishing is the latest in a series of computer graphic image showcase publications. Daniel Wade and Paul Hellard came together to produce this fine record of the best of the best of digital images."

  • August's Artist of the Month - voodoo
    The first time I ever got the idea that the computer could be useful for almost all my art was the day I bought a pen tablet. I used the pressure-sensitive pen, and it was- oh man- am I going to have fun with this!

  • Paula Sanders Report - Vue 5 Infinite
    Paula delved deeply into the amazing high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals ... Vue 5 Infinite by e-on ... and produced a two-part in-depth article that surpasses a mere review, including a few Vue tips and tricks along the way.

  • "Shades of Halloween" - Voting Results
    "Shades of Halloween" - Voting Results are in! The community voting results were reviewed. The winners were determined by the actual number of eligible votes received. Clone voting and votes from accounts created for the exclusive purpose of voting were not eligible and were not be counted.

  • Blackhearted April '05 Merchant of the Month!
    Congratulations to Blackhearted, for being the April '05 Merchant Of The Month!

  • Luminetik's Akiko Ashley Captures Animation!
    Sergio explores the world of award-winning Akiko Ashley. In a video game industry world dominated by males, Akikos creative talent shines brightly, as one of the Partners, and Executive Producer, of Luminetik Animation Studios.

  • Animation Alley meets
    Have you always dreamed of becoming a Professional Animator? Yearned to earn a degree in Animation? Go to classes in your pajamas? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have to read nemirc's interview with Bobby Beck,'s CEO/President ...

  • Larry Weinberg Celebrates 10 Years Of Poser
    Join with us in celebrating Posers 10th anniversary, as our guest columnist Daryl Wise, interviews Larry Weinberg the man who harnessed the power of 3D Figures with the creation of Poser 6. Every Renderosity artist knows of Poser, now get to know the man behind the program Posers creator ...

  • Paula Sanders Report - Vue 5 Infinite - Part 2
    Part Two - Paula delved deeply into the amazing high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals ... Vue 5 Infinite by e-on ... and produced a two-part in-depth article that surpasses a mere review, including a few Vue tips and tricks along the way.

  • Interactive Universal site uses 3D to immerse viewers
    Design Reactor, a Northern California design studio, restores the meaning to the term interactivity with it's creation of The Bourne Supremacy website.

  • Long-time TV Director Showcases C4Ds Power
    After nearly a decade of television music-video and live-concert directing, Emmy nominee Jay Dubin discovered the power of C4D after the seed of experimental curiousity had been planted.

  • Enter "The Legends of Mernac" [Interview with founder Rick Merriman]
    "Mernac is a new form of art and entertainment designed to facilitate ever growing content and audience appeal, and is expected to spread attracting contributions from hundreds, even thousands, of talented writers and artists from around the world."

  • Bonnie Mitchell SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery Chair
    Bonnie Mitchell is an artist, a teacher of art, and an inspiration to artists. Her works are not only visual delightsthey touch all the senseswhich makes Bonnie the perfect match for this years SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Chair.

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