Uniquely - for Small Lovely

3D Figure Assets released on Feb 19, 2013
Uniquely - for Small Lovely by N/A

Poser 6++ DAZ-Studio 4.0 and V4/A4/G4/S4/Elite at DAZ
Available Uses:

Uniquely - for "Small Lovely"

Including files:

37 Textures 2500x2500 incl. BUMP, Transp., and Displacement maps

14 different Styles
02 additional Variations
16 MAT poses

* No postwork on promotional images - Hair, Cloth, Shoes and Characters arenĀ“t included
* Rendered in Poser Pro9/2012- FireFly
* Product was tested with D|S 4Pro


* Character "Naomi" by P3Design
* Background by Bez
* Props and Hair at DAZ
* Skirt, Stockings and Shoes by Pretty3D

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