V4 Ornate Kimonos

3D Figure Assets released on Dec 08, 2012
V4 Ornate Kimonos by N/A

poser 6+, v4
Available Uses:

Contains three ceremonial fantasy kimonos, ornate obi and parasol
This set is exceptionally difficult to pose. I suggest avoiding all premade poses and instead posing the figure manually after loading the kimonos.

The Ornate Obi contains two EZpose sections for the left and right tails

The ornate Kimono3, the topmost layer contains nine EZpose sections. LeftBackSleeve,LeftFrontSleeve, RightFrontSleeve,RightBackSleeve, RightSash, LeftSash, LeftFront, RIghtFront and Back.

Ornate Kimono2 has bodyhandles for leg motions, including full range for sitting and kneeling as well as sleeve motion handles.

Ornate Kimono 1 has movement morphs for leg motion.

All items are unique to this set and do not share maps with any other set.

Price: $19.95 USD

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