Spirit Wings V4

3D Figure Assets released on Oct 16, 2012
Spirit Wings V4 by N/A

Poser 5 and up, Daz Studio, and any character
Available Uses:

Bring spirit alive to your runtime with Spirit Wings! These wings can flap, rotate, bend up and down and parent to V4's chest. They can be resized and moved to fit any figure (see readme) - Included are conforming spiders figure and left and right spider props!


Wings CR2 and OBJ
Spider CR2 and OBJ
Spider Props and OBJ (Left and Right)
Hide mat for inner part of wings
20 Mats for the wings

Used in Promos:

Clothing: Anarchy by Rhiannon and Rpublishing,
Star Enchantress by PropsChick and RPublishing,
Fairylicious by Sarsa and Thorne,
Susie's Rags by Rpublishing and Rhiannon,
Rag Doll Hair's Necklace by PropsChick,
Artissane Jewels by Fabiana with expansion by Fabiana,
Hidden Winds by Fabiana,
Masquerade's Eve by Aery Soul (No longer available),
Keeper of the Magic by Nikisatez,
Hoodlums by Sarsa and PropsChick,
Touched by Spider by Outoftouch,
Black Poison by Pretty3D (Daz)
Clothing Expansions: Enchanted for Star Enchantress by Sveva,
Infection by Shana

Hair: Kirke Hair by Plus3d, Kalyke Hair by Plus3d, Reagan Hair by PropsChick, Rahnya Hair by PropsChick, Adeline Hair by PropsChick, CurlyQ Hair by PropsChick, Alkyone Hair by Plus3d,

Characters: Izzie by Sabby and Seven, Sarenity by Silver and Adiene, Lagoona by Silver and Adiene, Nirva by Godin, Paine by Silver

Backgrounds: Diabolical, Luna Fairy, Mystic Steampunk, Sweet Amusement, Silent Fright, Angelic Backgrounds, Twisted Tales, Background Packs ALL by Sveva.

Poses: All poses by Danie and Marfono

*Note* PLEASE read readme for usage instructions!*

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