P3D Jenifer

3D Figure Assets released on Jul 15, 2012
P3D Jenifer by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Poser 6 and higher, DAZ Studio 2.3 and higher, Victoria 4/4.2 and Morphs++, V4 Elite Body Shapes (optional), and for Genesis: Genesis/DAZStudio 4 and V4 shapes for Genesis
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Jenifer is a high quality character for Victoria 4 and morphs++

This set includes:
1 Custom Head INJ/REM
1 DAZ dialed body INJ/REM
1 DAZ dialed Elite body INJ/REM
1 Genesis Morph INJ/REM
1 Nipple INJ/REM
1 Genitals INJ/REM
1 Elite Genitals INJ/REM
1 Square Nails INJ/REM
1 Long lashes INJ/REM
1 Mat default
1 No nipple mat
1 No genitals mat
6 Eye colours
1 Lashes
1 Natural face Default
10 Make Ups
1 Natural lips
10 Lipsticks
8 Nailpolishes

3 material options:
All Poser version mats.
SSS Mats for Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012
DAZ Studio 2.3 and higher mats.

1 Cornea map 2048x2048
1 Eyesurface map 1000x1000
6 Iris maps 2400x2400
11 Head maps 3500x3500
1 Head bump map 3500x3500
1 Head specular map 3500x3500
10 Lips maps 3500x3500
1 Lash map 4000x4000
1 Limbs map 3500x3500
1 Limbs bump map 3500x3500
1 Limbs specular map 3500x3500
1 sclera map 1000x1000
1 Sclera bump map 1000x1000
1 Teeth map 1500x1500
2 Torso maps 3500x3500
2 Torso bump map 3500x3500
1 Torso specular map 3500x3500
8 Nailpolish maps 3000x3000

Has been tested in Poser 7 and up
Has been tested in DAZ Studio 2.3 and up

Promo credits:

Hongyu's Hair 2010 by Hongyu
Rosydy Hair by SWAM
Cutie Pie Cap by Lilflame and NemesisT
Angel Hair by Maelwenn (from assassins angel bundle)
V5 Elite Ponytail by Yannek Debra Ross and etujedi
Olive Hair by Outoftouch

Clothing and jewelery:
Anarchy by Rhiannon and RPublising
Arkham Angel by AlfaSeed
Genesis Bikini by Bobbie25 and Umblefugly
Fashionwave Sporty Bikini by Outoftouch and textures by Shana
Spring Wear Dressing Bundle by Jasmina
Purr Lingerie by NemesisT and Lilflame

Varios poses from Danie and Marforno, Lunchlady, Ironman13
And all perfect fixes and poses by Xameva and Meipe

IDL Studio Lights by Colm

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