DN_SunGlasses 2

3D Figure Assets released on Jun 13, 2012
DN_SunGlasses 2 by N/A

Available Uses:

"DN_SunGlasses 2"
This is a group of content that includes:
- 2 props DN_sunglasses_V2_CF and DN_sunglasses_V2_SF;
- 24 skin's matposes for DN_sunglasses_V2_CF and DN_sunglasses_V2_SF;

DN_sunglasses_V2_CF is a Conforming figure for V4 for Poser 6 or higher and DAZ;
DN_sunglasses_V2_SF is a standalone figure for Poser 6 or higher and DAZ; It can be used with any other figures in scene but it should be parented manually.

Mat Poses:
8 rim colors and 16 glasses colors.
Load any DN_sunglasses2 figure of your choice, locate the pose-folder "DN_SunGlasses_Mpose2Colors"
apply any Mat pose you would like to use. You can create 128 variations of DN_sunglasses skin.

Obj and UV template are included too.

This product tested in DAZ Studio and works properly.
But materials should be tweaked manually.
Needed Files:
Daz3D's Victoria 4 (All version)

Promotion Renders done with FireFly render.
Products that were used on the promos renders:

"Ireland" by Victoria Goodman (vyktohria);
"Pretty Base IV" by Pretty3D;
"Pretty Long Hair - Lite Version" by Pretty3D;
"DN_SunGlasses" by darkvisionary and DmitriyN.

Thank you very much for visiting this page and viewing this product! We hope you like it!
Best regards, DV_DN_Team.

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