RM Xenia V4

3D Figure Assets released on Jun 12, 2012
RM Xenia V4 by N/A

V4.2 Morphs++ Poser 8+ or D|S4+
Available Uses:

RM Xenia V4
V4.2, Morphs ++ , Elite human surface skin shader by Omnifreak for DS users

Product Compatibility Poser 8/9, Poser Pro 2010, 2012, D|S 4
RM Xenia for V4. Xenia can be both human or fae. Sweet or Toxic, the choice is yours. She can be rebelious daughter, to fearless hunter. She comes with 9 make ups plus a make up off, 9 lips plus the default lip color, 9 Eye colors, 5 lash styles, 3 eye reflection options and 2 pubic hair choices. 2 sets of custom ears and a custom head morph make this character vesatile and a must have!

* 1 Custom sculpted head morph INJ/REM pose

* 2 Custom sculpted ear INJ/REM poses

* 1 DAZ morph++ dialed body MOR inj/rem

* 40 PP2012 and Poser 9 SSS MATS

* 40 Poser 7/8/2010 MATS

* 40 D|S 4 material files (utilizing Omnifreaks Humans skin shader)

* 9 Eye Colors
o Amber
o Blue
o Brown
o Dark
o Emerald
o Green
o Grey
o Hazle
o Purple

* 5 Lash Styles
o Ranging from Fantasy and glamour to realistic

* 3 Eye Reflection Options

* 10 Lip Choices
o 9 lipsticks
o 1 default natural look

* 10 Face Make Ups
* 9 make up choices
* 1 default natural look

* 2 Pubic Hair Options
o 1 pubic hair on
o 1 pubic hair off

Proven quality content at a price you can afford!

Different types and styles of lighting may cause the files to appear different then may appear in promos.

Promo credits:
Angel Light (poser renders)
ProStudio lights- Realism light (poser renders)
Lantios Day pack - Light 5 with ambient light 9, quality high (for DS render)

Xenia (Mairy and 3Dream)
Bolina Hair (DAZ- Mairy and 3Dream)
Sherri Hair (RDNA-Capses and Littlefox)
My Lady Hair (SWAM and goldtassel)
Amzaric Hair (nikisatez)

Shoot 06 HARD (outoftouch and Shana)
Euphoric (prae and gypsyangel)
Dreamlace3 for V4 (hongyu)
Seasons (DAZ- Mada and Thorne)

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Price: $14.95 USD

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