Billy Bob Banjo

3D Figure Assets released on Feb 23, 2012
Billy Bob Banjo by N/A

M4 and morphs++, Poser any version, Pc

Billy Bob Banjo is a good ol' boy who loves to have a good ol' time pickin' his banjo, drivin' his tractor and runnin' through the woods.

Billy Bob especially loves havin' a ho down with his favorite country tunes.

This character is a mixture of a cartoon and realism with high definition MAT files and advanced shades system but very cartoony half broken banjos and humorous looking aspect.

Custom morphed head and lots of options like cartoony banjos and beards complete the funny experience.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Billy Bob Banjo Head
- REM Billy Bob Banjo Head
- INJ Billy Bob Banjo Body
- REM Billy Bob Banjo Body
- INJ Teeth morphs
- REM Teeth morphs
- MAT Billy Bob Banjo
- Xtra MAT Genitals M3
- 4 MAT Eye colors
- 3 MAT Face

Billy Bob Banjo has a pick-up truck full of options to allow you to have a good ol' fashioned jamboree in your renders for a very long time:

- Three cartoony banjos not propped so you can use how and where you like
- One small beard (smart prop)
- One big beard (smart prop)

Plus a set of conforming clothes composed of a small overalls and a very short pair of shorts to make him look sexy LOL

All clothing comes with a set of MAT files:

- 5 MAT for the overalls
- 5 MAT for the pants
- 4 MAT for the overalls' buttons

Due to his robust size Billy Bob Banjo doesn't have M4 genital morphs but we do give a MAT file for the M3 genitals that is more adaptable to any sort of body.


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