Sugar Doll Outfit

3D Figure Assets released on Nov 10, 2011
Sugar Doll Outfit by N/A

Poser 5 and above, Daz Studio3 and below, Victoria 4, Morphs ++, Elite, A4/G4/S4
Available Uses:

Sarsa and PropsChick present Sugar Doll Outfit for V4. In spirit and celebration of the Latin American holiday, Día de Muertos (Day of the dead), we bring you a one of a kind highly detailed outfit for V4,A4,G4,S4,Elite for your runtime. Each layer on the skirt is carefully stitched together with our collaborative works of modeling and texturing. Each lace and rose was detailed for you, the customer to enjoy through and through.

This package contains:

A laced up corset, a rose decorated top in which the roses can be hidden as they are a seperate material zone, a multi layered skirt with laces and body parts for movement, A necklace detailed with a rose and great morphs for fitting, a rose ring prop with sizing morphs, sleeves that were designed to fit tightly to almost any arm size, bracelets for the left and right arms, earring props that match perfectly, and 5 different rose props to decorate your figure's hair. DS Mats are included. (DS3 and below)

All pieces contain morphs where needed for fitting and adjustments. Style and movement morphs included along with a hide legs mat to make posing the skirt easier.

These are the morphs included in the skirt and top with matching morphs in the other pieces as well:

The Top: FBMUtopianBody, FBMSylphBody, FBMFantasiaBody, S4Stephanie, G4TheGirlBODY,
A4AikoBody, WaistWidth, TorsoThickness, StomachDepth, BellyThin, BellyThickness, BellySmooth, NipplesHeight, NipplesDepth, Nipples
BreastsSize, BreastsPerk, BreastsNatural,BreastsLarge, BreastsImplant, BreastsHangForward, BreastsFlatten, BreastsDiameter, BreastsCleavageWidth, BreastsCleavage, AreolaPerk, Inhale, AdjustWaist, AdjustTorsoUp, AdjustCollars, Young, Voluptuous, Thin, Heavy, Fitness, Bulk, BodyBuilder, Amazon,
ADJLStrap, ADJLStrapB, ADJRStrap, ADJRStrapB, LoosenArmpitL, LoosenArmpitR, LoosenB,TightenArmpitL, TightenArmpitR, TightenChest, TightenWaist.

Morphs included in the skirt:

FBMUtopianBody, FBMSylphBody, FBMFantasiaBody, S4Stephanie, G4TheGirlBODY,
A4AikoBody, Young, Voluptuous, Thin, Heavy, Fitness, Bulk, BodyBuilder, Amazon, GlutesSize, WaistWidth, TorsoThickness, HipsSize, BellyThin, BellyThickness, AdjustHips, AdjustButtocks, BLacesLong, BLacesMoveL, BLacesMoveR, BLacesOut, BLacesSmall, FLacesLong, FLacesSmall, LLacesL, LLacesOut, LLacesR, RLacesL, RLacesOut, RLacesR.

We only listed the top and skirt as the morphs in the other pieces match and listing them all would lead to a long list!

Also included you will find 4 additional texture sets to mix and match this outfit.

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