FASHIONWAVE College for M4 H4

3D Figure Assets released on Oct 28, 2011
FASHIONWAVE College for M4 H4 by N/A

Poser 5 or higher; Michael 4 at DAZ3D
Available Uses:

FASHIONWAVE College for M4 H4

Outoftouch proudly presents a brandnew release in the FASHIONWAVE productline, updating your wardrobe with recent fashion bits from
the runways, fashion magazines and street looks from around the world.

Stay in fashion with these high quality clothing items for your Poser

FASHIONWAVE: College - Get the urban fashion update! This high quality College Jacket fits many fashion occasions!

College brings you a high quality conforming college jacket for Michael 4 and Hiro 4.

This outfit package comes with a high quality 3D mesh carefully UV mapped, lots of Morphs for body-fitting, adjusting and FX and
lots of texture styles for mixing and matching. Out of 7 different styles, you can mix and match base styles, sleeves style and trims style.

Have a look at the Promo PopUps below for detailed information about the content and for a detailed Morphs list.

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What you get with this package:

01 Geometry Files

01 Super-Conforming Jacket for M4 with Morphs
07 Full Texture Options

07 Textures for Clothing (4000x4000)
01 Displacementmap for Clothing (4000x4000)


21 Matposes

Required products (at least one of them):

Michael 4
Hiro 4


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Thank you very much for viewing this product, we hope you like it.
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