Puckish for Gosha

3D Figure Assets released on May 29, 2010
Puckish for Gosha by N/A

Daz Studio or Poser, Gosha figure by smay

Puckish for Gosha has new textures and a face morph to make Gosha into a young and mischievous sprite. He has regular skin maps along with blue and green mat variations, two different eye textures and also includes a coppery sun streaked texture for the Hair 1.

All maps have mat poses to apply them easily in Poser and Daz Studio. The head morph is applied via INJ and REM poses, the two ear variations are regular poses. The Face Restore poses are for use with Gosha's standard poses which sometimes effect the face morphs and expression, causing some ugly morph doubling effects when used with the Puckish face. One pose will remove morphs (like face thin) but leave pose and expression info, the other will remove all morphs and expressions but leaves the head pose intact.

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