Grotto's Insectoid Phase II for Grotto's Insectoid

3D Figure Assets released on Mar 30, 2010
Grotto's Insectoid Phase II for Grotto's Insectoid by N/A

Poser 5,6,7,8 and up or DAZ Studio, DAZ Michael 4 Figure, Grotto's Insectoid character pack
Available Uses:

INSECTOID PHASE II (Add-On Pack Pack for Grotto's Insectoid for DAZ's Michael 4)
Poser, DAZ Studio, PC and MAC compatible

The INSECTOID PHASE II add-on pack transforms Grotto's Insectoid into a BIGGER, BADDER BUG!!.

Primarily used in the INSECTOID society as a worker/labor class, the Phase II's tough exo-skeleton, massive strength and sharp, barbed claws also make them well suited for use in battle as inital front line Shock Troops, striking fear and terror into the hearts of the enemy.

Larger and stronger than the original INSECTOID. The hands have been replaced with long segmented arms ending in insect-like barbed claws allowing the creature to walk on all fours. The torso is larger and completely resculpted featuring a spiked chest.
Optional insect-like body hair is included which automatically parents to various body parts.

The pack also includes a NEW, COMPLETLY REWORKED set of TEXTURE AND BUMP MAPS to give the creature a greater sense of realism. The New Maps can be applied to the original Grotto's Insectoid as well!!

Also included is a 125% sizing morph pose that allows you to easily increase the creature's size by 25%.

All morph and texture files are packaged in INJECTION POSE format for easy "Single Click" installation!

16 EXCLUSIVE BODY POSES and 16 CLAW POSES are included to get you started!

GROTTO'S INSECTOID PHASE II has arrived! The INSECTOID hordes are gathering strength! Will the world survive??

-Fully Hand Sculpted INSECTOID PHASE II morph in convenient INJ pose format
-ALL NEW and Improved Full Head and Body Texture Maps
-ALL NEW and Improved Full Head and Body Bump Maps
-16 Exclusive Insectoid Phase II Body Poses
-16 Exclusive Insectoid Phase II Claw Poses
-Optional Insect Hair props (parented)
-125% Sizing morph
-Hand or Claw option morph
-Hide Hands Morph (Instantly corrects stray hand and finger joints)
-installation instructions for both PC and MAC
-installation instructions for both Poser and DAZ Studio

Price: $13.95 USD

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