StoryPose - Ninja Wars

3D Figure Assets released on Mar 17, 2010
StoryPose - Ninja Wars by N/A

V4, poser 5+
Available Uses:

StoryPose - Ninja Wars!

for V4/A4/G4

The first pose package in the StoryPose line from Darkworld Designs, Ninja Wars tells the story of a lone Kung Fu wielding heroine's epic struggle against hordes of sexy ninja badgirls. This amazing pose set features 60 poses, 63 cameras, and 10 Hand Poses for V4/A4/G4!

StoryPose follows a unique pose set design- each pose will work with limits on OR off, and can be used individually or as a complete two-on-one battle scene. However, the scenes themselves can be used CONSECUTIVELY to tell a story- watch the action unfold as our heroine defeats one pair of assassins after another until she stands alone over her defeated enemies.

Each pose can be shot conveniently from 3 or 4 different angles using the dynamic camera settings. 10 Kung Fu hand poses are also included to spice up the encounter; Mantis, Crane, Tiger, and many more...

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